Thursday, April 18, 2024

REPLY: Lufthansa improves customer experience thanks to an artificial intelligence-based data analysis portal created by TD Reply

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Lufthansa , Europe’s largest airline, has embarked on a transformation journey to improve customer engagement with the launch of an innovative Customer Insight Hub developed in collaboration with TD Reply . This innovative portal allows you to carry out advanced analyzes using specialized Large Language Models to activate data-driven strategies aimed at improving the customer journey and optimizing the customer experience.

Using Generative AI , the new Customer Insight Hub enables Lufthansa to gain a deeper understanding of passengers’ needs, wants and needs, enabling it to develop personalized services and improve the overall customer experience. Passengers interact with the company at various points of their journey, from online booking to contacting cabin crew and post-flight surveys. Each interaction provides valuable data on individual opinions and experiences regarding specific services. This information collected centrally in the new Hub and analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence, which classifies it based on topic and sentiment analysis, allows for a more in-depth evaluation of customer reviews and their satisfaction.

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Furthermore, thanks to the integration of external data sources, such as articles or trend research, the company’s product and marketing managers can benefit from a comprehensive view of Lufthansa’s operational landscape. Through the use of predefined prompts, managers have the ability to generate specific reports on various topics and dedicated reports regarding customer acquisition and financial results. A conversational chatbot further enhances the Customer Insight Hub, allowing managers to ask specific questions to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ experience with Lufthansa services. The integration of previously untapped data sources helps consolidate a unified enterprise-wide knowledge repository, allowing Lufthansa to optimize its offering based on customer needs.

Philipp Schilchegger, Head of Customer Insights at Lufthansa, concluded: “As a single point of access to company data, the Customer Insight Hub facilitates internal collaboration and decision-making. Thanks to the collaboration with TD Reply, we have a modern, data-driven foundation to continuously improve our services, create an optimal customer experience and thus retain our customers in the long term.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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