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Denodo boosts productivity for business users and reduces costs for cloud data lakes with new platform improvements

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Generate AI with modern capabilities to democratize data usage, accelerate data security operations, improve self-service for business teams, and strengthen FinOps capabilities

Denodo , the leader in data management, announced significant improvements to the Denodo Platform . It democratizes the use of data across the enterprise by leveraging generative AI, enforces consistent security and cost management policies, and facilitates self-service for business users so they can create data products themselves. I’ll make it. This news comes on the heels of Denodo’s recent announcement of a $336 million investment from TPG, which will further Denodo’s mission to unify data assets in real-time and make data available to all users and By making it pervasive and securely available to business applications, we are empowering organizations to innovate and transform the way they run their businesses.

“To be data-driven and competitive in the era of digital transformation, it is essential that data is at the heart of the organization,” said Sanjeev Mohan, Data Manager, SanjMo and former Gartner Research. Vice President of Analytics) said. “However, in most cases data is buried deep, complex to access, and largely out of reach for business users. Denodo uses a logical approach to continue pushing the boundaries of data integration, management, and delivery to help businesses maximize the value and potential of their efforts. We support you so that you can get it.”

As organizations continue to expand the deployment of data products and new data analytics projects across a variety of platforms and cloud systems, they continue to face challenges. The latest features of the Denodo Platform enable improved access to clouds and data lakes through reliable and secure data delivery, ensuring high performance and providing a solid foundation for all stakeholders. Masu. By enabling self-service BI and data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services, Denodo provides logical solutions to help organizations get the most value from their strategic business initiatives. We continue to push the boundaries of data management with our approach.

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With the latest enhancements to the Denodo Platform, businesses can enjoy the following benefits:

Leverage generative AI to democratize the use of data , allowing business users to interact with data in natural language without requiring SQL skills or access to BI tools. The latest features include pre-built integrations with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI, providing natural language access to all datasets managed and served by the Denodo Platform.

Power self-service data product development where business teams can create data products themselves, collaborate and share data within and outside the enterprise. Data users can create, serve, and share datasets within the Denodo Data Catalog using a drag-and-drop view creation wizard and an embedded SQL shell. Additionally, by managing data access request workflows within the Denodo Data Catalog, data owners can quickly respond to requests and gain visibility into subsequent usage of sensitive data to streamline data access and governance.

By leveraging FinOps dashboards through cloud cost management and workload optimization , enterprises can control costs and manage costs across various databases, data lakes, and other data platforms (both in the cloud and used across the enterprise). You can optimize calculation and data input/output charges in The Denodo Platform’s new FinOps dashboard provides production operations and finance staff with a view and report of various costs incurred from all analytical and operational data workloads managed by the system.

Optimize data processing workloads for both performance and cost to democratize big data analytics and cost-effectively scale up as data volumes grow . Denodo now offers massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities based on Presto, the leading open source parallel SQL query engine, to improve performance when processing large amounts of data. It also includes features to make it easier for business users to interact with data, such as data cataloging and generative AI integration. You can harness the power.

Simplify the management of fine-grained access control policies to accelerate privacy compliance across your enterprise. Data owners can manage indirect access control to derived views and control downstream access to data products. This is an important element in data sharing and multi-tenant deployments. Access policies can be set based on a user’s client session details, enabling data sovereignty and location-based compliance features. Additionally, tags and security classifications can be automatically synced from Collibra and other data governance tools.

“Enterprises are eager to deploy more projects, including capabilities such as data sharing, analytics, and generative AI, and are increasingly using data meshes to improve efficiency, leverage existing assets, and reduce risk. We have adopted distributed data management principles such as Data Fabric and Data Fabric,” said Alberto Pan, Executive Vice President and CTO of Denodo. “With the latest enhancements to the Denodo Platform, enterprises can strengthen data security, leverage AI to improve self-service for business teams, and take control of FinOps to drive performance and revenue.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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