Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Relic Named a Cloud Observability Leader by GigaOm

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New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced it has been named a Leader for the third year in a row and an Outperfomer in the 2024 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability. Its position represents a high overall value to customers seeking a strong observability practice and over the next 12-18 months. New Relic is the only Leader that is also named an Outperformer. This achievement reflects New Relic’s ability to solve for present and future customer needs by adding new innovations to its all-in-one platform such as New Relic AI and New Relic AI monitoring.

As organizations grow in IT complexity, their ability to understand the interdependencies of their distributed systems becomes exponentially more challenging and can make identifying and resolving performance problems more difficult and time-consuming. New Relic provides a source of truth for understanding how systems are performing. Its platform-first approach to observability, with one of the highest number of integration partners, provides an edge to understanding the critical interdependencies across the tech stack without switching screens or burdening users with correlating data across disparate tools. New Relic’s advancements in AI further accelerate time to value by enabling customers to make decisions quicker around cloud optimization, application performance, security, and customer experience without learning a new query language or accumulating years of system expertise.

“New Relic continues to have exceptional strengths with its dashboard and user interaction performance, which have improved both in features and in the ability to customize the environment to suit the user,” writes GigaOm Principal Analyst Ron WIlliams. “Ease of use and rapid deployment have always been strong and remain a reason to shortlist New Relic.”

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DevSecOps teams and business users alike need visibility into the upstream and downstream effects of changes to their system to understand their impact on end-user experiences. New Relic’s comprehensive telemetry database enables a superior depth of system awareness. Customers can keep tabs on the performance of cloud-based systems with tailored visualizations and dashboards that keep teams aligned on the most important metrics for their area of business, while experiences like APM 360 and connected APM and infrastructure monitoring deliver context-specific insights from across the stack to help remove team and data silos. Pathpoint brings business observability to non-technical stakeholders, showing how system performance impacts business processes and metrics.

New Relic received high ratings among the following areas:

  • Agile platform: Customizable system overviews, alerts, and open-source quickstarts integrate into existing workflows to help teams quickly scale their observability practice.
  • Customer success: Observability Maturity Architecture helps customers achieve business objectives with a value-driven framework rooted in deep observability expertise.
  • AI-driven innovation: Fully-integrated GenAI assistant reduces the observability learning curve with natural language querying and proactive insights.
  • Multi-cloud support: A unified view of all cloud resources (public or private) with the ability to view individually or in groups and report on resource provisioning and cost optimization.
  • Edge observability: Real-time monitoring for simplified troubleshooting and low overhead of cloud environments by collecting data at the edge of the system with New Relic Pixie.
  • Exceptional value: All-in-one platform with usage-based pricing ensures all users have access to all capabilities and the industry’s only perpetually free tier.
  • Open Source commitment: Industry-leading OpenTelemetry support provides a standardized, flexible, and future-proof observability solution that optimizes innovation and cost control.

SOURCE: New Relic


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