Monday, June 17, 2024

Opensignal Announces Acquisition of Brytlyt GPU-based Data Analytics & Visualization Technology

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Patented technology combined with the breadth of Opensignal’s insights will accelerate telecom operators’ ability to take actions that drive profitable growth

Opensignal, the leading provider of independent insights into consumer connectivity experiences, has acquired Bryltyt’s patented GPU-based data analytics platform and hired its world-leading engineering team based in Warsaw, Poland. The acquisition will accelerate Opensignal’s development of its insights platforms companywide and improve its customers’ ability to quickly access, create, and act on network and subscriber insights.

Brytlyt, founded in 2013, built its patented technology to create a responsive and immersive data analytics and visualization experience for its customers. As a software company focused on developing the capability to analyze and visualize data at scale, Brytlyt integrated a proprietary geospatial visualization engine, GPU-accelerated data processing, and data science analytics capabilities, all in a flexible platform easily tailored to customer needs. They achieve this through a cloud-based, serverless architecture that is easy and fast to deploy and use.

For Opensignal, the Brytlyt technology and team supports the company’s need to deliver solutions at scale, address future growth opportunities, and apply generative AI and machine learning to create new value from its vast network and subscriber datasets.

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As a first step, Opensignal has integrated Brytyt into its powerful Opensignal Network Experience (ONX) Suite to seamlessly analyze and aggregate billions of individual measurements on the fly, further differentiating the only end-to-end network experience suite for the telecommunications industry. One customer already commented that ONX with Brytlyt is “fast, responsive, slick and has some ‘real quality of life’ features.”

“The Brytlyt team and technology have been an immediate game changer for us in terms of how quickly we can improve our product offering,” said Dave Isenberg, CEO of Opensignal. “As data and insights become our customers’ competitive advantage, we want to speed up their ability to make the decisions that drive profitable growth, and Brytlyt’s AI-powered platform does exactly that.”

According to Richard Heyns, CEO and founder of Brytlyt, “Opensignal represents a great opportunity for the Brytlyt team to continue to evolve the platform to support Opensignal‘s valued customers, and the team is excited to prove the technology in a demanding, data-rich environment.”

Source: PRWeb


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