Monday, June 17, 2024

Scispot Launches Scibot: An AI Agent on Its Lab Operating System

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Scispot, a leading provider of laboratory tech solutions, has launched Scibot™, an AI agent integrated into its Lab Operating System (LOS).

Scispot, a leading provider of laboratory tech solutions, has launched Scibot™, an AI agent integrated into its Lab Operating System (LOS). Scibot accelerates experiment design, workflow execution, data discovery, and analytics through a chat-based interface and advanced AI capabilities.

Scibot transforms lab operations from traditional interfaces to an AI-driven conversational chat interface. This allows scientists to interact with their lab experiments and data in real-time, execute workflows more efficiently, speed up decision-making, and bring scientific breakthroughs to market faster. Scibot converts data into actionable research insights, optimizing experiment execution and decision-making.

With Scibot, scientists can instruct it to perform tasks like creating cell culture experiments, loading 96-well plates, sending plates to a liquid handler, or preparing samples for sequencing. Scibot can generate growth curves, dose-response analyses, and specialized analytics, including pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling, high-content screening analysis, and multi-parameter flow cytometry data analysis. Its advanced plotting capabilities, such as heat maps and 3D molecular structures, help visualize and interpret complex data.

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Leveraging natural language processing, Scibot supports contextual search, applying filters to efficiently search documents, tasks, people, and files. Its Large Language Model (LLM) configures search filters for precision, reducing time spent on data retrieval and allowing researchers to focus on core tasks.

Scispot ensures user data remains secure and private, with data not being used to train AI models or accessed by sub-processors, maintaining the highest standards of data security and integrity.

“We are excited to introduce Scibot, our AI agent that will revolutionize scientific R&D,” said Satya Singh, co-founder & CPO of Scispot. “Our mission is to accelerate R&D by bringing our users closer to their data and driving actionable insights. Scibot is a key part of that mission.”

As a leading provider of lab data and workflow solutions, Scispot empowers scientific research with its comprehensive toolkit. By integrating AI into its platform, Scispot sets new standards in biotech R&D.

Source: PRWeb


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