Monday, June 17, 2024

New AI Tools, Meta Verification, and Enhanced Calling Functionality Revolutionize Business Engagement on WhatsApp

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Businesses leveraging WhatsApp for customer engagement and sales will now enjoy a suite of powerful new tools and features aimed at enhancing their capabilities and customer interactions.

At Conversations, our premier annual business messaging event, we unveiled groundbreaking updates designed to empower businesses and streamline their operations on WhatsApp.

AI Tools: Revolutionizing Customer Assistance

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, businesses on WhatsApp can now provide more efficient and personalized customer assistance. Through AI-driven responses tailored to common customer queries, businesses can swiftly address customer needs and guide them towards relevant products and services.

Moreover, our AI integration extends beyond customer support, enabling businesses to optimize their advertising efforts on Facebook and Instagram. From cart reminders to personalized discounts, businesses can now leverage AI to enhance their marketing strategies and drive conversions.

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Meta Verification Arrives on WhatsApp

Introducing Meta Verified, a new standard of trust and authenticity on WhatsApp. Businesses in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia can now display the Meta Verified badge, signifying their verified status with Meta. This accreditation not only assures customers of a business’s legitimacy but also unlocks premium account support, including robust impersonation protection.

Additionally, businesses with Meta Verified status gain the ability to utilize WhatsApp across multiple devices, facilitating seamless communication and efficiency for their teams.

Streamlined Calling Functionality

In response to the evolving needs of businesses and customers, we are introducing a simplified calling feature on WhatsApp. Now, users can initiate calls to larger businesses with just a single tap, facilitating smoother and more immediate assistance. Whether it’s resolving complex queries or discussing intricate requests, this feature ensures a seamless connection between businesses and their customers.

This calling functionality is currently undergoing testing and will soon be available to a wider range of businesses, promising further convenience and accessibility for WhatsApp users.

Source: Meta


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