Thursday, April 18, 2024

Globant Converges its Strength in Creating Seamless Customer Experiences and Innovative Technology Capabilities into the New Connected Experiences Studio

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Through cutting-edge technology, creativity, and innovation, Globant reinvents how brands engage with their customers through memorable and fulfilling experiences

Globant, a digitally native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, announced the launch of its Connected Experiences Studio. This dedicated Studio consolidates over two decades of harnessing the transformative power of technology to get invaluable insights into customer behavior, empowering businesses to make informed decisions that fuel growth while delivering memorable experiences to their customers.

According to an IDC study, “the demand for CX (Customer Experiences) services is expected to grow from $353.0 billion in 2022 to $473.3 billion in 2027.”* This showcases organizations’ eagerness to fulfill customer expectations of enjoying unforgettable experiences. Connected experiences, powered by technology, are bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds, creating more personalized, engaging, and seamless interactions for fans, guests, and travelers. With years of working alongside blue chip clients, such as Nissan, Royal Caribbean International, and LA Clippers, the Connected Experiences Studio brings together in-depth expertise to create comprehensive strategies and tailored solutions for unique challenges across sectors.

“The happiest memories of life are made out of unforgettable moments with friends and family, where brands and products play a critical role, and we become loyal to the experience they bring us. Technology over the years has become the ‘last mile’ of several of them,” saidCarolina Dolan, Chief Digital Officer at Globant. “The Connected Experiences Studio spans across all our Studios as an orchestrator, helping clients build creative moments within their customers and enhancing them through cutting-edge technology.”

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The Studio brings end-to-end connected experiences to life through:

  1. Design: Globant assesses the current customer experience and crafts the ideal connected experience with a holistic approach considering these six dimensions: data, technology, operations, business, innovation, and culture.
  2. Strategy: The company designs a course of action aligned with the client’s strategic objectives while strengthening the spotted weak points during the assessment, leading to increased customer satisfaction, improved profitability, enhanced operational efficiency, and sustainable growth.
  3. Building: To bring the desired experience to life, Globant combines the Studios’ in-depth expertise in engineering, product, commerce, data & AI, and loyalty, among many others, to create tailored solutions for unique challenges.
  4. Amplification: Globant leverages data-driven insights to turn satisfied customers into loyal advocates and craft strategic marketing initiatives that maximize impact.

“We consistently accompany our clients with a customer-focused experience in all aspects of our work, making this dedicated new Studio the logical next step. Connected experiences leverage AI and cutting-edge technology to create an immersive, more contextual, and personalized set of user experiences, providing real-time data and insights,” saidDiego Tartara, Chief Technology Officer at Globant.

The Connected Experiences Studio is part of the Reinvent Network, which revolutionizes the game for businesses through deep industry knowledge and tech expertise, fostering collaboration and delivering transformative results to clients.

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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