Tuesday, April 23, 2024

CG Infinity and Truyo’s Partnership Changes the Landscape of AI Governance

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In a groundbreaking partnership, CG Infinity and Truyo are redefining the approach to AI governance. Combining CG Infinity’s expertise in AI consulting and services with Truyo’s leadership in AI governance technology, the alliance will equip organizations with the necessary tools to not only identify, assess, categorize, rank, and remediate AI-related risks but also to implement robust frameworks that safeguard their operations and consumers. This initiative supports adherence to governance regulations and maintains the highest standards of responsible AI implementation.

As organizations increasingly integrate AI into various aspects of their operations, the complexity and potential risks of AI become more profound. Considering these growing risks, the implementation of a strategic AI governance framework is more crucial than ever. Utilizing Truyo’s advanced technology, organizations are empowered to proactively detect and address AI risks before they escalate into major issues. This proactive strategy, coupled with a structured approach to ongoing AI management, is essential. Moreover, the expansion of regulatory requirements around AI reinforces the urgency for a comprehensive AI governance program.

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CG Infinity gives organizations the ability to improve their AI initiatives in a manner that benefits both the organization and the consumer. CG Infinity’s pride lies in its ‘people first + driven to transform’ approach to client relations, crafting tailored solutions that forge significant, positive changes.

“CG Infinity is at the forefront of integrating advanced technology, robust solutions, and strategic insights to establish exemplary AI governance for our clients. Our objective is to ensure they are equipped with precise, tailor-made AI frameworks that align with both organizational objectives and regulatory requirements. Leveraging Truyo’s pioneering technology, we can realize this commitment,” expressed Matt Pollard, Senior VP of AI Governance, Privacy, and Security at CG Infinity.

“Truyo, in collaboration with CG Infinity, is set to provide an all-encompassing AI governance solution, equipping organizations worldwide with the capability to achieve excellence in rapid AI Deployment while keeping it safe and secure,” announced Dan Clarke, President of Truyo.

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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