Thursday, April 18, 2024

Mouser explores the potential of machine vision in its latest series, Empowering Innovation Together

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Mouser Electronics , Inc., the authorized global distributor of the latest electronic components and industrial automation products, launches the latest edition of the Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) technology series, which includes the Explore the world of industrial image processing technology. This part of the EIT technical content series explores the systems, algorithms and models required for machine vision, with an in-depth look at real-world manufacturing applications.’

The use of machine vision has become increasingly important in everyday technology, driven by the demand for more efficient and accurate manufacturing processes. Industrial image processing technology can be used in various industries, such as: B. in the automotive industry, industry and medicine. The series highlights advances in perceptual AI and deep learning on embedded platforms, technologies that are driving advances in computer vision.

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The series features a podcast interview with Peter Denzinger, Vice President of Engineering at Vista Solutions, who discusses the component-level advancements necessary for collaboration between humans and machines. Denzinger outlines the challenges and opportunities for the image processing industry.

“Our latest season of the Empowering Innovation Together series begins with the transformative potential of machine vision technology,” said Yin. “This groundbreaking technology is changing the industrial landscape, and we are highlighting a handful of opportunities in exciting technical discussions with leading industry experts.”

The series includes articles , an infographic , a video , and more about developing computer vision and deep learning on embedded platforms. It provides in-depth analysis and technical details for engineers who want to explore the potential of machine vision technology, its applications, and the possibilities for future design.

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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