Thursday, April 18, 2024

Decisions Announces One-click Insight Analysis with Process Mining for Rapid Optimization

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Decisions, provider of a leading intelligent process automation (IPA) platform, announces the availability of one-click insight analysis in its process mining solution for use in conjunction with the full suite of Decisions capabilities or as a stand-alone tool to optimize business processes.

Decisions IPA platform removes the tedious task of developing code to create business workflows and connect applications and data for greater efficiencies. Adding process mining to the Decisions platform—or even using it as a freestanding tool—adds a layer of optimization and protection for customers to:

  • see real processes in action,
  • refine process automation,
  • and ensure compliance at every step.

Companies may create business rules or workflows for their connected systems or processes and fail to monitor continuously or enhance them. However, set-it-and-forget-it process automation may cause organizations to miss valuable steps, create delays, provide poor customer support, lose customers, or experience compliance issues.

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With Decisions Process Mining, users can easily spot missed exceptions, flow bottlenecks, or areas of operations that may require scaling to support demand. Using the one-click Insight Analysis Report, complex process data is translated into actionable insights. Rather than relying on a paid support representative to identify issues, customers can quickly discover inefficiencies and fix them on their own.

“The Process Mining Insight Analysis Report provides a comprehensive overview of a company’s business processes to reveal what the eye may not see,” said Decisions co-founder and CTO Heath Oderman. “It can provide immediate knowledge for process improvements and optimization.”

Report findings are accompanied by visualizations, statistical analyses, and comparative assessments to highlight areas of improvement. Additionally, the report provides recommendations to enhance process efficiency. Recommendations may include process redesign, automation opportunities, resource reallocation, or workflow modifications.

Conservice, one of the nation’s largest utility management and billing companies, uses Decisions Process Mining to optimize its billing system processes. “Using process mining, we found areas of concern that weren’t strongly evident beforehand,” said Conservice Software Architect Tyson Hamblin. “Decisions Process Mining is a quick and easy way to gain insights into processes and uncover dependencies and process blockers.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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