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Appian Delivers Better Business Outcomes and Decision Making with AI and Data Fabric Analytics

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Latest version of the Appian Platform improves end-to-end automation and data-driven decisions powered by self-service analytics (SSA) and private generative AI

Appian announced the immediate availability of the latest version of the Appian Platform for AI process automation. The new version enables business and IT leaders to streamline processes, improve user experiences, and drive better business results through data-driven decision making. The platform update includes a preview of Appian’s self-service analytics (SSA) capabilities, which enable any user to effortlessly pull insights from Appian’s data fabric.

Appian’s data fabric combines data from multiple sources into a secure, unified data model without the need to move data. Appian customers can now explore and analyze their data through SSA, leveraging Appian’s AI Copilot power . End users can leverage data in a simple interface with aggregation, filtering, sorting and formatting functions. Once a report is set up, users can leverage AI Copilot to gain deeper AI-generated insights from the data. AI Copilot uses the power of generative AI to help users gain new insights from their reports, including suggesting next steps to address business needs based on report data.

Additional new capabilities in the latest version of the Appian Platform include:

  • High precision document extraction . Take data mining to a new level of precision. Appian customers will soon be able to accurately extract unstructured data from documents. It will be possible to train custom entity extraction models on your business’s own data using private AI , offering superior extraction accuracy for text entities.
  • Language translations for faster apps.  This release introduces an out-of-the-box way to create high-precision translations compatible with all languages ​​supported by Appian. Users can generate, organize, secure, and deploy translation strings with the new translation set design object, ensuring the best possible user experience in their preferred language.
  • Expanded UI controls. Appian customers now have a broader set of tools to configure complex UI navigations, additional styling controls, and improved offline experiences for mobile users.

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When Leroy Merlin , the world’s third largest home improvement retailer, needed to manage a surge in e-commerce, in-store orders, and refund and return requests, it turned to Appian. Leroy Merlin accelerated its refund and return process with the Appian Platform through AI-powered automation and intelligent document processing (IDP). With Appian’s AI and automation capabilities, Leroy Merlin was able to reduce the refund and return process from 15 days to 1.5-2 days.

“Everything you would like to achieve, you can achieve ten times faster with Appian,” said Dmitriy Anderson , CIO & Head of E-commerce and Marketplace Strategy at Leroy Merlin .

Amadori , a leader in the Italian agri-food sector, uses Appian to simplify and modernize work in its supply chain. Using Appian’s automation and data fabric capabilities for fleet management, Amadori reduced the time between maintenance and order generation by 466%. Now, what used to take two weeks now takes about three days.

“We chose Appian as a strategic platform for cloud-based digital transformation because it allows us to be agile in the way the business and IT respond to the changing environment,” said Sandro Salvigni, IT & Digital Transformation Manager at Amadori.

“The latest update to the Appian Platform demonstrates our commitment to empowering organizations to drive better results through unified data and AI,” said Michael Beckley , Founder & CTO at Appian. “We’ve put the power of data exploration directly into the hands of business users, and taken it further with generative AI to address critical business needs based on reporting data.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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