Thursday, April 18, 2024

AITech365’s Weekly Roundup: Discover the Most Recent News From Concentric AI, Swimm, SoundHound, DataRobot!

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Here is AITech365’s Weekly Roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

In Cybersecurity news this week…

Concentric AI Introduces Industry’s First Managed DSPM Equipping Organizations Requiring Managed Services with Market-Leading Data Protection

Concentric AI, a leading vendor of intelligent AI-based solutions for autonomous data security posture management (DSPM), announced that its Semantic Intelligence™ DSPM solution is now offered as the industry’s first DSPM as a managed service, equipping organizations which require or prefer security as a service with market-leading data protection to secure their sensitive data.

In IT and DevOps news this week…

Swimm Launches World’s Most Advanced Contextualized Coding Assistant for Accurate and Instant Code Knowledge

Swimm, the leading GenAI-powered coding assistant for contextualized code understanding, announced the launch of /ask Swimm, the most comprehensive solution available for enterprise software development teams that combines an AI-powered chat and human input to provide personalized and accurate code knowledge instantly.

In Analytics news this week…

Babel Street Announces Strategic Acquisition of Vertical Knowledge, Bolstering Leadership in Identity Intelligence and Risk Operations

Babel Street, a leading provider of identity intelligence and risk operations solutions, announced its acquisition of Vertical Knowledge, a premier data products, insights, and intelligence company. The acquisition significantly expands Babel Street’s data sourcing, enrichment, and analysis capabilities, transforming high-stakes identity and risk operations into a strategic advantage for organizations worldwide.

In Computing news this week…

Alif Semiconductor’s Innovative and Novel Architecture Sets the Bar for Security to New Heights in Deployed Edge Products

Alif Semiconductor, supplier of the most power efficient Edge AI-enabled secure MCUs and fusion processors in the market, announced its advanced on-chip security solution. Alif Semiconductor’s unique security architecture brings together a combination of innovative technologies which include an integrated Secure Enclave with its own resources and a highly configurable secure firewall structure, multiple general purpose and neural processing cores with secure communication between them, and in-factory creation of unique device key pairs within every device. Alif leverages all these elements to secure the next wave of deployed Edge devices that are powered by advanced processing including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML).

In Customer Experience news this week…

SoundHound And Jersey Mike’s Introduce Voice AI Phone Ordering

SoundHound AI, Inc., a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, and Jersey Mike’s Subs announced that they are working together to give customers the ability to place phone orders for pick-up via a state-of-the-art voice AI ordering system. Optimized for natural human speech, Jersey Mike’s customers won’t have to modify their language or interact awkwardly with the software – they can just speak naturally as they would to another person.

In Robotic Process Automation news this week…

DataRobot Introduces Catalyst Program to Help Organizations Accelerate Generative AI Into Production

DataRobot, the leader in Value-Driven AI, announced the DataRobot Generative AI Catalyst Program, designed to address the generative AI skills gap with a holistic offering to jumpstart and accelerate the delivery of high-impact generative AI use cases. The new program provides organizations with critical tools and support to develop a cross-functional generative AI strategy, drive critical use cases into production, and build lasting capabilities to scale independently and operate with confidence.

In Machine Learning news this week…

Milestone Systems first to adopt G7 Code of Conduct for Artificial Intelligence

Milestone Systems, a leading provider of data-driven video technology software, has decided to adopt and implement the G7 Code of Conduct for advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, becoming one of the first companies to do so.

In MarTech this week…

Front Acquires, Accelerating a New Era for AI-powered Customer Service

Front, a customer operations platform enabling teams to streamline communication and deliver exceptional service at scale, announced its acquisition of AI platform,, to accelerate the speed of AI innovation for — and with — Front customers. The Windsor team has spent the last three years building an AI platform that produced nearly a million personalized videos, enabling companies to seamlessly scale the human touch in their communications.

Insight of the Week

Revolutionizing Industry: The Power of AI in Predictive Maintenance Software

AI in Predictive MaintenancePicture a world where machines communicate their needs, where data serves as the guiding compass for maintenance decisions, and where downtime becomes the exception rather than the rule. Enter AI in predictive maintenance software—a realm where artificial intelligence injects vitality into the once-static realm of equipment upkeep. From manufacturing plants to energy grids, and healthcare institutions to logistics hubs, organizations grapple with the repercussions of unexpected failures in critical systems. This article explores the evolving role of AI in predictive maintenance, unveiling how machine learning algorithms within broader AI frameworks enable the prediction of failures before they occur.


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