Monday, June 17, 2024

AI Clearing, the AI-Powered Construction Progress Tracking and Quality Control Platform, Announced Its AI Management System Has Been Certified by SGS According to FDIS ISO 42001 Standard

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AI Clearing is the first technology company in the world to obtain the FDIS ISO 42001 certificate.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of AI Clearing’s technology, enabling construction general contractors, asset owners, and lenders to track construction progress and quality in real-time accurately. AI Clearing’s customers require trustworthy, reliable, and accurate AI results as they work on large, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects such as utility-scale solar, railways, roads, energy transmission, industrial and large-scale earth and concrete works.

“Our AI is proprietary and unique. This has allowed us to build the best technology in the industry, provide real-time insights, and drive strong operational efficiencies for our customers,” says Adam Wisniewski, CTO and Co-founder of AI Clearing. “Now we have obtained the ISO AI Management System certificate that proves our ability to guarantee responsible use of AI to ensure our system’s effectiveness and to achieve unparalleled accuracy and processing time – both critical to our customers.”

“With the certification, we stand out from the crowd of AI companies,” adds Michael Mazur, CEO and Co-Founder of AI Clearing. “And proves we are the strongest AI player in the construction industry.”

As stated in the SGS announcement “AI Clearing, which specializes in construction progress monitoring through its cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) platform, AI SurveyorTM Engine, worked diligently throughout the audit process. This certification means they can implement AI more safely and efficiently.”

The newly announced ISO 42001 standard helps organizations responsibly perform their role concerning AI systems (e.g., to use, develop, monitor, or provide products or services that utilize AI). AI is increasingly applied across all sectors utilizing information technology and is expected to be one of the main drivers. A consequence of this trend is that specific applications can give rise to societal challenges over the coming years.

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ISO 42001 provides an AI management system framework within which AI products are developed considering ethics, transparency and accountability, compliance with regulations and standards, security, monitoring and evaluation, and impact of AI system assessment. On an operational level, it also controls resources and data for AI systems, development lifecycle, and use of AI systems.

“The AI certification proves that our AI system is managed according to the newest and most complex standards. And our AI models are trustworthy, thoroughly validated, and verified before release. Having SGS as a long-term partner was crucial for this achievement,” remarked Michael Mazur. “It is especially important as our data sets have over 15 million labels and cover the area of over 154,000 football fields. Moreover, we conducted over 5000 machine learning iterations this year only.”

AI Clearing transforms the construction industry through the power of artificial intelligence. Its market’s most advanced AI technology accurately tracks the construction progress and quality of large infrastructure projects with millions of items to be constructed or installed on-site. Before AI Clearing, these large sites were tracked manually, with 5-10% sample area covered monthly. This was insufficient for accurate project control and often resulted in substantial budget overruns, delays, and disputes between the involved parties. AI Clearing’s technology is fully automated and compares the on-site progress to the design, budget, and schedule.

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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