Thursday, April 18, 2024

AI Redefined Gains Momentum with New Investment, Expands to Europe, and Appoints Industry Veterans to Key Leadership Roles

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AI Redefined, a pioneering force in human-AI collaboration technology, unveils key milestones showcasing exceptional growth and momentum. Following a successful Silicon Valley fundraising round, the Canadian company is set for success in the coming year. This is fueled by a new R&D facility in Paris, the cornerstone of its European operations, and the appointment of industry leaders Dr. Yves Lostanlen as General Manager and Bernard Slede as Senior Vice President of Business Development. The expansion aligns with the growing adoption of its award-winning Cogment™ technology.

Situated at Station F in the heart of the Paris AI technopole, the new studio serves as a strategic move to establish a presence in the European AI landscape. Beyond an office, this location aims to be an innovation and collaboration hub for developing new products and partnerships. The expansion includes a dedicated Paris-based R&D team, supporting AI Redefined’s commitment to a pivotal role in the dynamic European AI ecosystem.

Leading AI Redefined in Europe is General Manager Dr. Yves Lostanlen, a seasoned industry veteran known for transformative leadership roles in major organizations such as Engie, Siemens, Element AI, government institutions, and academia. With deep and extensive knowledge in AI technologies, Dr. Lostanlen’s strategic insights are evidenced through numerous keynote engagements and over 1200 citations for his articles. As a former board member of IEEE Communication Society and an Expert Advisor to prestigious entities like the European Commission and Council of Europe, his appointment reinforces AI Redefined’s commitment to attracting top talent to drive further innovation and growth.

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About his new role, Dr. Lostanlen states: “Joining AI Redefined and the Cogment team at this exciting time, when human interaction is recognized as essential to AI advancements, is a tremendous opportunity. With Cogment’s proven human-in-the-loop AI products, we offer a unique value proposition for deep-expertise industries historically challenged by AI-Human alignment. I am confident AI Redefined has what it takes to lead in today’s rapidly evolving AI landscape.”

In another strategic move, Bernard Slede joins AI Redefined as Senior Vice President of Business Development, bringing a proven track record from Intel, Dolby, and Vonage. Excited about joining AIR’s team, Slede notes, “Key markets such as aviation, defense, renewable energy, manufacturing and healthcare view AIR’s human-AI solutions as the missing piece to leverage their data. They’re eager to safely adopt and deploy AI through our trusted Cogment suite of Human-AI collaboration products.”

As AI Redefined gains momentum and prepares to announce key contracts, 2024 is anticipated as a year of exponential growth. The European expansion, coupled with the appointments of industry leaders and ongoing advancements by Cogment, reaffirms AI Redefined’s commitment to shaping the future of human-AI collaboration.

About AI Redefined: AI Redefined is a multinational, award-winning, applied artificial intelligence research firm dedicated to better human-AI alignment. Founded in Montreal in 2018, the company focuses on developing Human-AI (RLHF) solutions that push the boundaries of what humans and AI can achieve in various industries, including aeronautics, renewable energy, manufacturing, and autonomous (e.g. human-machine teaming) systems.

SOURCE: Businesswire


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