Friday, May 24, 2024

Iambic Therapeutics Selects Lambda Cloud to Help Meet Compute Demands of its Generative AI Drug Discovery Models

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Lambda, the GPU cloud company founded by AI engineers and powered by NVIDIA GPUs, announced that Iambic Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics using its unique AI-driven discovery platform, has selected Lambda Cloud to provide NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs to accelerate training and inference for its leading generative AI drug discovery models.biotechnology biotechnology biotechnology

“As we work to continuously search chemical space for potential molecules that may one day treat disease, there is a need for immense amounts of reliable computing power to support our current models and enable Iambic to continuously innovate. Lambda was able to create a custom cluster to meet our compute needs, provide key engineering expertise, and has demonstrated an ability to rapidly scale to meet our near-term requirements,” said Matt Welborn, Iambic’s Director of Machine Learning.

Iambic’s generative AI drug discovery models include NeuralPLexer, a state-of-the-art model for predicting protein-ligand structures, including conformation changes resulting from drug interactions. Predictions from NeuralPLexer and Iambic’s suite of models are served to Iambic’s integrated AI and high throughput experimental chemistry and biology labs, where thousands of unique molecules are synthesized and assayed every week.

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“At Lambda, we’re committed to solving difficult compute challenges for customers across industries. Enabling transformer models in drug discovery efforts is an important step toward unlocking AI’s potential for advancing therapeutics,” said Stephen Balaban, Lambda CEO and co-founder. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Iambic as they discover new medicines and look forward to working with more companies reimagining their endeavors through powerful AI and GPU compute access.”

Iambic joins leading global companies and research institutions like Anyscale, Sony, Rakuten, The AI Institute, and more in adopting Lambda Cloud. Lambda, an early provider of NVIDIA H100 GPUs, serves thousands of customers across manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and the U.S. government. Lambda’s high-speed interconnect allows for training and fine-tuning of AI models on a cloud built for AI workloads – delivering a fast, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use GPU cloud for engineers achieving breakthrough innovations and enabling the next generation of tech.

Source: BusinessWire


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