Sunday, July 14, 2024

Autogon Releases Culturally Inclusive Gen-AI Video Tool For Localized Content

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Autogon AI, an innovator in no-code AI business infrastructure, released its groundbreaking GenR8 Video feature. This tool empowers users to create culturally personalized and relevant AI-generated videos for local regions and markets.

Autogon’s GenR8 Video allows users to input a script then clone their voice and accent to capture unique cultural nuances and tone.

The online interface is designed for personal and commercial users, including digital creators, companies, marketing agencies, and educational actors.

Autogon AI’s GenR8 Video is available on the Autogon Playground and includes individual and enterprise pricing plans.

“We’ve created a tool to ensure nobody is left behind in the generative AI movement,” said Obi Ebuka David, Founder and CEO of Autogon.

He also underscored the value offered to global users looking to localize ads, educational clips, or personal creations.

“Autogon’s GenR8 Video allows digital creators in large economic zones, such as the US and Europe, to shape nuanced, high-production-value content for local markets,” Autogon CEO Obi Eubka David said.

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Culturally-Inclusive Innovation

Born out of the need to reflect diverse cultural narratives in AI-generated content, Autogon AI developed the GenR8 Video feature to address the growing demand for inclusive and representative media. This feature is part of Autogon AI’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive digital landscape.

Key Features of The GenR8 Video Tool:
  • Personalized Audio Creation: Users can record personalized audio, leveraging Autogon AI’s advanced voice cloning technology to create unique and authentic voice overs that resonate with various cultural contexts.
  • Customizable Avatars: Choose an avatar of your choice or generate an image using the Autogon Text to Image service, allowing for a tailored visual representation that aligns with diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Flexible Video Length: The tool supports a maximum generation length of up to five minutes per image, offering flexibility for different content needs and preferences.
Meeting the Demand for Cultural Representation

Autogon’s groundbreaking service is designed to meet the growing demand for AI-generated videos that capture a diverse range of cultural perspectives. The Generate Video feature enhances the accessibility of culturally inclusive media, ensuring that voices from various backgrounds are authentically represented in visual content.

Currently, video generation is available in English, with the ability to capture unique accent and linguistic nuance in the audio creation.

Future Projections

Autogon AI forecasts that this new feature will enable the creation of videos that accommodate a broad spectrum of cultures. The customizable voice and avatar options are specifically designed to reflect and respect diverse cultural nuances.

Accessing the Feature

The Generate Video feature is now available on the Autogon Playground, where users can explore and utilize this tool to create culturally rich and personalized video content.

Source: Businesswire


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