Monday, July 15, 2024

Promethium Named a 2024 Cool Vendor in Data Management: GenAI Disrupts Traditional Technologies by Gartner®

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Promethium, creators of the only AI-native data fabric which empowers organizations to automate the creation of data products via GenAI, announced its recognition as a Cool Vendor in Data Management: GenAI Disrupts Traditional Technologies by Gartner. As the first AI-native data fabric platform, Promethium enables organizations to streamline their data management processes, enhance analytical capabilities, and drive informed decision-making. Data and analytics teams can easily build data products in a single workflow and transform how businesses approach data management and analytics.

The solution helps businesses manage, discover, and utilize their data, and eliminates data and analytics bottlenecks so users get answers in minutes instead of months so they can harness the full potential of their data assets. Using Promethium, organizations break free from long wait times and having to stitch multiple solutions together. This optimizes costs by removing the need for multiple integration tools and cuts back on the need to move data by avoiding costly integration services.

According to the report, in 2023, GenAI took the world by storm, and many data management leaders are looking to adopt data management solutions that use and embed GenAI. AI can be used to mask the complexity of data management tasks, enabling a broader audience to perform complex data management work. Because many data management teams are overburdened, AI provides an opportunity for saving time and effort.

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Promethium’s unique, native AI-driven data fabric addresses the growing demand for advanced data analytics and management solutions that help businesses drive digital transformation and foster data-driven decision-making. With its innovative solution, Promethium provides a single, unified, consistent view and access to all data from across multiple sources, enabling customers to find new insights and answer pressing business questions while reducing project backlogs and decreasing the total cost of ownership.

The report, which is designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products, and services stated, “GenAI has grown over the past year, with many vendors developing new products and features. Heads of data management can use these technologies to improve data management processes. In particular, GenAI helps mask and/or reduce the complexity of data management tasks, enabling more productivity.”

“Extracting insights from data is crucial for making informed decisions and improving business performance, yet the time it takes to make this information available to users is difficult resulting in long delays and loss of innovation. AI has shown us that we can move at a much faster pace but the current data stack is not AI-native which  once again hinders the agility and velocity that businesses need,” said Kaycee Lai, Founder of Promethium. “GenAI is a real game changer as it helps organizations turn data into opportunities. and we are honored to receive recognition as a Cool Vendor in Data Management; GenAI Disrupts Traditional Technologies report.  We’ve been innovating on our progressive Natural Language and AI-based approach to data management for the last 6 years so seeing the market now aggressively embracing GenAI and being recognized for our work is a great validation. We look forward to continuing to drive innovation and addressing the most critical and complex challenges in data management and integration, and to helping our customers realize results faster by automating processes via GenAI.”

Source: PRNewswire


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