Sunday, July 14, 2024

DryvIQ Announces AI-Powered Insights, Delivering Trusted, Business-Ready Unstructured Data to the Enterprise

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New intelligent data management platform product innovations empower enterprises with data-driven insights and automated actions to bring structure to unstructured data

DryvIQ, the leader in unstructured data management, announced new product innovations designed to ensure unstructured data is secure, trusted, and always ready for pivotal business initiatives. These product enhancements enable organizations to:

  • Scan and analyze unstructured data at any level of depth across all enterprise-wide content repositories from a single source of truth. Create custom data intelligence reports and dashboards to support real-time decision-making for a variety of business initiatives.
  • Automatically curate document sets and continuously act on unstructured data to drive transformation, improve data quality, and ensure governance.

The enterprise data landscape has evolved significantly, driven by the shift to remote work in 2020 and the rise of generative AI in 2023. A 2024 Wavestone report highlights a sharp increase in data and analytics initiatives in the past year, with a 30% surge in projects aimed at driving business innovation with data and a 24% increase in managing data as a business asset.

As organizations increasingly depend on data to make better decisions and drive business outcomes, the need for trustworthy and reliable data has grown. With 90% of data being unstructured – practically doubling each year – and spread across multiple repositories, effectively managing and maintaining the quality of this data has become progressively challenging, impeding business transformation and creating risk.

“Whether embarking on GenAI initiatives, reducing their data footprint, or solving other data management challenges, our customers seek us out to gain and maintain control over the quality and security of their unstructured data,” said Sean Nathaniel, DryvIQ CEO. “By delivering high-quality, always-business-ready data and tailored insights that were previously impossible to discover, we are empowering organizations to automatically and continuously act on their data at scale. This ensures they can successfully manage their data transformation initiatives now and well into the future.”

By continuously refining unstructured, knowledge worker content into business-ready data, DryvIQ supports critical initiatives such as GenAI readiness, audit preparation, file migrations, data minimization, security and compliance, and other data transformation projects.

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DryvIQ’s intelligent data management platform empowers enterprises to access, analyze, and take action on unstructured data across any storage repository.

  • ACCESS: Through a single platform, organizations can easily find and manage their unstructured data, regardless of where it’s located. DryvIQ supports integration with more than 40 on-premises and cloud-based storage repositories.
  • ANALYZE: Structure unstructured data for in-depth discovery, categorization, and analysis of disparate file repositories. With an at-a-glance visual representation of all data, data owners can always know what data they have, where it resides, its sensitivity, business value, and how knowledge workers are using and sharing it. Additionally, admins can generate custom insights to support ongoing or upcoming data initiatives.
  • TAKE ACTION: With DryvIQ’s always-on, all-in-one solution for data discovery, classification, and management, organizations can automatically and continuously take action to cleanse and reduce stale data, govern access control, migrate to a new storage platform, or perform any other set of custom actions required to satisfy their unique data management needs.

With its latest enhancements, DryvIQ gives organizations the ability to have confidence and trust in their unstructured data by continuously managing and protecting it in a constantly evolving data landscape. By leveraging DryvIQ‘s patented platform to ensure data is always business-ready, organizations can harness its full potential to drive innovation, maintain compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

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