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Digital Realty launches advanced high-density deployment solution using chip liquid cooling technology

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Digital Realty, the world’s leading provider of cloud computing and carrier-neutral data centers, colocation and interconnection solutions, announced that now we announced the launch of breakthrough chip liquid cooling technology, launching the next chapter of high-density deployment solutions. This innovative development enables Digital Realty to achieve a significant breakthrough in meeting the challenges of managing high-density workloads, especially in the areas of AI and data-intensive applications.

Digital Realty’s new solution builds on the company’s standardized high-density hosting services and introduces direct liquid cooling technology (DLC) to introduce coolant directly into the customer’s infrastructure to more flexibly and effectively meet the needs of emerging industries such as AI. need. This solution allows enterprises to deploy high-density configurations in a shared environment adjacent to cloud, network and AI service providers, and simultaneously meet the different needs of individual settings, providing customers with more flexibility. In addition, Digital Realty’s recently released Private AI Exchange (AIPx)  also provides new data exchange options to support related solutions using DLC.

Key features of Digital Realty’s advanced high-density deployment solutions include the ability to leverage a variety of mechanical solutions such as Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) and DLC to efficiently manage each rack from 30 to 150 kilowatts (kW) and beyond  power density requirements. The combination of RDHx and DLC doubles the power density that can be supported, helping enterprises cope with the dramatic growth in modern IT infrastructure and promoting the adoption of AI through private, cloud and hybrid solutions.

Digital Realty’s deployment solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable. The solution is currently available in more than half of Digital Realty’s global data centers, with plans to expand support to more locations and leverage existing infrastructure to meet emerging AI needs.

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Chris Sharp, technical director of Digital Realty, said: “We are honored to work with our customers to develop their infrastructure to support the latest chip liquid cooling technology, helping customers to efficiently implement and expand deployments and push the limits of the digital age. With cutting-edge chips With liquid cooling technology, we are not only setting a new standard for high-density deployment solutions, we are also revolutionizing digital infrastructure.”

“AI is revolutionizing every industry,” said Scott Tease, vice president and general manager, ISG, HPC and AI, Lenovo. “By working with great partners like Digital Realty, we can help businesses of any size embark on their AI journey. Lenovo and Digital Realty’s cooperation is an important cornerstone of the hybrid AI vision, helping companies fully leverage the potential of emerging technologies and achieve innovation faster.

Sean Graham, research director at IDC, said: “More companies are investing in generative AI and high-performance computing, and for this they require private and high-density environments. Digital Realty’s high-density hosting services are sufficient to meet the market’s demand for high-density machines. The solution is in line with IDC’s proposed hosting supply for the generative AI market. Suggestions and recommendations.

This high-density deployment solution is streamlined and efficient, drawing on Digital Realty‘s extensive experience designing and delivering custom colocation solutions to customers to accelerate time to value.

Source: PRNewsWire


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