Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Prosimo introduces the industry’s first AI suite for multi-cloud networks

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Prosimo , a leading provider of multi-cloud networking software, today announced the  AI ​​Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking ,  enabling teams to bring AI workloads to market faster bring to.

Although the benefits of AI are clear, many companies have been  slow to adopt it because their legacy systems prevent them from doing so. AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking gives organizations everything they need for AI readiness in a vertically integrated platform.

“The introduction of AI has dramatically changed the requirements for cloud networks – driving more cross-cloud interactions, bringing with it the need to secure AI workloads and data, and expecting fast, high-quality decisions,” says Ramesh Prabagaran , co-founder and CEO of Prosimo . “We’re solving both problems in one – multi-cloud networking for AI to accelerate AI adoption and AIOps for faster decision-making.”

Prosimo takes a full lifecycle approach and offers two key features:

  • Multi-  Cloud Networking for AI :  Provides the core connectivity, security and infrastructure building blocks for AI workloads. This includes high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, multi-cloud connectivity, and built-in compliance and guardrails for LLM datasets.
  • Nebula:  AIOps  for Multi-Cloud Networking :  Enables rapid observability, monitoring, troubleshooting, and cost optimization for cloud network infrastructures. Prosimo’s Nebula Assistant leverages natural language to deliver predictive recommendations and accelerated root cause analysis for operational excellence.

“The development of enterprise AI environments is well underway, but it is challenging for companies to manage their infrastructure across multiple different clouds,” says Bob Laliberte , Principal Analyst at ESG. “The ideal solution connects everything together and gives you information about how everything is going.”

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Multi-Cloud Networking for AI:  Ensures scalability and security for AI infrastructure

Prosimo’s AI Suite for Multi-Cloud Networking is a comprehensive, cloud-native platform that understands connectivity requirements from L3 to L7, enabling enterprises to leverage the benefits of cloud-native connectivity for AI. Prosimo’s multi-cloud networking fabric is designed from the ground up to support next-generation AI workloads in these key areas:

  • End-to-End Private Connectivity:  Seamless distributed data access without legacy IPsec tunnels and IP layer limits, instead using native constructs like PrivateLink & PSC
  • Deep observability:  The ability to detect anomalous behavior across the stack, with application-level visibility into costs, traffic, and resource allocation.
  • Increased security:  Companies can enforce enterprise-level policies around the use of approved AI services to ensure the company does not inadvertently expose sensitive data.
  • App-driven routing:  Request-aware control for app security and compliance.

Nebula: AI Ops for Multi-Cloud Networking: Der Nebula Multi-Cloud Network Assistant liefert 60 bis 80 % schnellere Mean Time to Resolution und 60+% niedrigere Cloud Networking Kosten.

The Nebula Multi-Cloud Network Assistant is Prosimo’s conversational AI assistant for cloud networks. Teams can query their network using natural language and receive intelligent recommendations based on Prosimo‘s Large Language Model (LLM), the only LLM that incorporates data across multiple classes and addresses the three biggest pain points cloud ops teams face:

  • Network Policy and Traffic:  A comprehensive view of  overlapping IP networks  across cloud providers, accounts, regions, and more makes it easier to identify and resolve complex issues.
  • Infrastructure and costs:  Using natural language queries (“Why are my expenses so high this month?” or “Which regions contributed the most to my higher costs?”) teams can quickly identify cost drivers, trends, and inefficient resource usage. Nebula reduces the time spent clicking through dashboards to gain actionable cost insights.
  • Security and compliance:  Teams can quickly identify unauthorized cross-region access that violates regulatory requirements.

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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