Friday, May 24, 2024

Socure Releases Multi-Layered AI Defense System That Defeats Deepfakes and Other Identity Fraud in Under 2 Seconds

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Socure, the leading provider of artificial intelligence for digital identity verification, sanction screening, and fraud prevention, launched its next generation Document Verification (DocV) solution, purpose-built to tackle the rash of stolen identities, spoofing, and highly sophisticated deepfake attacks that are accelerating in their complexity across nearly every segment of the digital economy.

Open source generative AI tools have intensified the enablement of easy-to-create fraudulent identities alongside the inexpensively purchased stolen IDs and personally identifiable information (PII) found on the black market. Legacy document verification solutions that aren’t investing extensively in R&D are allowing fraudsters to beat their systems using these techniques: tampered headshots, non-live selfie presentation attack, duplicative headshots of the same person across varied PII/documents, mismatch of PII provided in form field vs extracted from document or barcode extraction, substantially different age prediction between headshot and document date of birth, document invalidity, deepfake selfie of true ID owners’s face, forged or blurred barcodes, image from a digital screen, repeat device usage across multiple documents in short periods of time, and more.

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Sprinting ahead of these rapidly evolving complexities, many that are used in conjunction with one another in a single attack, Socure has launched a proprietary solution that combats every single dimension of a potential attack at once, making it prohibitively expensive, time-consuming, and outright unattainable for the fraudsters to evade detection – all in less than 2 seconds and with no impact to the user experience. This multi-layered defense approach ensures that increasingly complex attacks cannot circumvent the system that now analyzes 1000s of document signals in real-time with a broader view of the identity risk by also analyzing PII, barcode data, device and behavioral intelligence, geolocation, and biometric signals, all resulting in the attainment of Socure’s market-leading accuracy.

In addition, Socure’s next generation DocV alleviates consumer friction concerns presented by typical document and biometric verification solutions, bringing the verification speed down to a P95 of 1.5 seconds, compared to the industry average of more than 30 seconds, with some requiring minutes to return a decision.

“Socure continues to get better and better for our partners with each passing day, improving user experience, accuracy, speed to decision, and operational efficiency. The Socure brand is known for continuous innovation as we strive for perfection and this announcement is representative of our continued advances. With generative AI fraud tools in the hands of bad actors, we are seeing attacks at massive scale with the use of incredibly accurate deepfakes and manipulated documents that easily fool legacy biometric and template-based solution providers,” said Johnny Ayers, founder and CEO of Socure.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the Socure team for arming our customers, be it a government agency needing to get critical services to their constituents, a high-technology’s trust & safety team that’s launching a superapp, or a bank verifying a high dollar wire transfer to protect their customer, with this best-in-market AI solution to avoid catastrophic fraud losses while also maximizing user experience and approval rates,” he continued.

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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