Friday, February 23, 2024

Babel Street and ThreatMinder Announce Strategic Partnership to Modernize Risk Operations

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Babel Street, the world’s leading technology partner for advanced identity intelligence and risk operations, is proud to announce a new partnership with ThreatMinder, a leading provider of real-time risk monitoring solutions. The partnership combines Babel Street’s cutting-edge “Match, Analyze, Score” approach with ThreatMinder’s AI-based real-time risk monitoring capabilities to drive a more comprehensive and effective risk management program. Together, the solutions meet the mounting demand for integrated, AI-driven risk management tools catering to today’s dynamic and data-intensive realities.

Babel Street’s “Match, Analyze, Score” workflow accelerates informed decision-making and sets a new standard in proactive risk management and operational resilience. This approach creates multiple advantages:

  • Match: Use advanced AI to match entities rapidly and accurately across massive data environments
  • Analyze: AI + Human power uncovers hidden patterns and insights in both structured and unstructured data
  • Score: Real-time risk scoring and monitoring, powered by ThreatMinder AI, empowers quick and informed decision-making

ThreatMinder’s advanced risk monitoring solution integrates seamlessly with the “Score” capability from Babel Street, elevating it to new heights. With more than 50 out-of-the-box use cases and the ability to create new ones, this collaboration ensures users gain full control over the level of risk associated with different elements of their operation, creating more informed decisions based on real-time insights.

“Addressing the growing need for AI-enhanced risk scoring in our data-driven world, this partnership solidifies Babel Street’s commitment to providing top-tier, dynamic solutions for contemporary risk management challenges,” commented Michael Southworth, CEO of Babel Street.

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The unique strengths of these two platforms complement each other, offering organizations a powerful new approach to risk mitigation:

  • Comprehensive Data: Gain a panoramic view of risk, tapping into both internal and external data sources providing a complete and detailed risk landscape.
  • AI-Driven Analytics: Leverage advanced AI techniques to unlock deep insights and deliver accurate risk assessments with unmatched speed and precision.
  • Proactive Mitigation: Apply the right data to the right entity with a robust toolkit for insightful decision-making and effective risk management strategies.
  • Open Flexibility: Navigate complex risk operations with enhanced flexibility and diverse deployment options, ensuring increased resilience and sustained growth.
  • Dynamic Configuration: Customize the solution to unique use cases and requirements while maintaining continuous monitoring, performance, and security.

“This partnership is a natural fit for our business,” said Brian Szady, ThreatMinder Founder and CEO. “The combination of our real-time risk management capabilities with Babel Street’s dynamic platform gives customers world-class risk analytics that finally closes the gap between risk awareness and mitigation.”

The integrated solution of Babel Street and ThreatMinder delivers results for both government agencies with security functions and large enterprises that manage global risks. The collaboration enhances capabilities for in-depth risk assessment, real-time monitoring, and proactive mitigation across sectors.



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