Thursday, April 18, 2024

SnapLogic Announces GenAI Builder: Revolutionizing Enterprise Applications and Bringing Large Language Models to Every Employee

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Industry-first no-code product applies conversational interfaces to existing applications and experiences eliminating the need for costly and scarce AI coding expertise

SnapLogic, the leader in generative integration, unveiled GenAI Builder, the world’s first no-code generative AI application development product for enterprise applications and services. Uniquely compatible with both legacy mainframe data, modern databases and APIs, GenAI Builder leverages conversational AI to transform and simplify customer, employee and partner digital experiences.

Generative AI is projected to have a profound impact on global business, with McKinsey estimating it could “add the equivalent of $4.4 trillion annually” through improvement of customer interactions, automation of business processes, conversational business intelligence, and IT acceleration via code generation. Unfortunately, companies seeking to capitalize on generative AI face prohibitive obstacles. McKinsey cites a lack of available AI skills, accuracy of results, and concerns about privacy and security as possible barriers to generative AI adoption in enterprises. SnapLogic plans to eliminate those obstacles.

As the latest addition to SnapLogic’s AI suite, GenAI Builder allows organizations to integrate AI with enterprise data to securely enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and personalization of data for every enterprise employee. This applies to multiple types of data, whether in the cloud or on-prem, and can be applied to critical use cases from customer support automation, data analysis and reporting, contract and document review, and personalized marketing. GenAI builder puts the power of LLMs, and the scale of AI, where it matters most: in the hands of every enterprise employee.

“SnapLogic’s GenAI Builder has tremendous potential to help us overcome speed to market, accuracy and resource limitations as we explore creating new generative AI services,” said Gaurav Bajpai, Sr. Director, Engineering at Lumeris. “Our goal has always been to provide superior quality and value and by simplifying our integration journey, SnapLogic is helping us accelerate the development of powerful LLM based GenAI applications which will significantly benefit our members and partners.”

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The wave of generative AI is unlocking the power of data across the enterprise, and delivering a new level of innovation for IT to support their business. GenAI Builder provides the ability for either IT or business teams to:

  • Rapidly and securely create and deliver digital experiences and support the growing demand from business units for new AI driven services.
  • Add conversational AI co-pilots to existing and new applications through a no-code visual designer and pre-built templates for common use cases.
  • Securely integrate their data with Large Language Models (LLMs), to create powerful Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications without coding, ensuring context-specific AI results while safeguarding data integrity.

“We aren’t just stepping into the future with GenAI Builder, we are teleporting businesses there,” said Jeremiah Stone, Chief Technology Officer at SnapLogic. “Product and IT teams now have the ability to rapidly add high-performing conversational interfaces to their most important digital experiences, changing them from basic tools into intelligent collaborative systems, creating an entirely new realm of capabilities for employees, customers, and partners, delivering unprecedented business value.”

“Instead of relying on multiple experienced python coders working for days and weeks to create a LLM-based solution, any employee – including those in finance, marketing, HR, and other business departments – can now use GenAI Builder to create solutions in a matter of hours,” said Greg Benson, Chief Scientist at SnapLogic. “By using natural language prompts to create powerful generative AI solutions while simultaneously connecting disparate data sources, global businesses can save millions and accelerate their LLM projects tenfold.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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