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Tuya Smart Leads the Industry’s Innovation Trend with Practices Using New Google APIs

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Tuya Smart, the global cloud developer service provider, demonstrated how it will use Google’s new Device and Structure APIs in the Smart Home sector. Through new APIs released at the Google I/O 2024, Tuya will further extend the boundaries of the ecosystem and give developers additional opportunities to explore the smart home market.

The worldwide smart home market is currently seeing a robust expansion due to the emergence of increasingly mature smart technologies like cloud computing, AI, and the IoT. Being a pioneer in the field of smart solutions, Tuya is actively driving industry change in the smart home space, and working with many of the world’s top technology companies, including Google, to pursue technological breakthroughs.

Being a reliable long-term partner of Google, Tuya was among the first businesses to connect its developer platform to the Google Assistant. In 2021, Tuya became one of Google’s first authorized solution providers. In 2023, Tuya integrated Google Cloud into its own multi-cloud architecture, offering developers a wider range of cloud tools and more stable services.

Apps are becoming an essential tool for controlling smart devices as smart homes grow more and more common. Tuya has introduced the Tuya Smart App Solution to address the requirements of developers for app construction, and to assist them in resolving issues related to interaction logic design, interface development, and integration, which arise during the development process.

Tuya can offer developers an inclusive service based on its Smart App Solution, covering everything from planning and design, development and testing, app store listing, and operation and maintenance. By offering a one-stop-shop for app solutions, Tuya can help developers cut down on time and R&D expenditures. Additionally, each app has billions of devices and millions of concurrent processing capabilities thanks to Tuya’s worldwide cloud deployment, which can completely fulfill the expectations of the fragmented and individualized market.

Google unveiled a number of new APIs at I/O 2024, such as the Matter Commission API, Device and Structure APIs, Automation APIs, etc., providing new chances for developers worldwide to investigate the smart home market.

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Tuya intends to integrate the Device and Structure APIs into Tuya-enabled App considering the superior performance. In the meantime, the Tuya-enabled App will effectively reduce the latency of local management and remote access for smart home devices, giving developers more options and flexibility. The Tuya-enabled App will break down the barriers of the original ecosystem with the support of Google Device and Structure APIs, enabling developers to manage all smart home devices that support Google Home in a one-stop manner within Tuya’s Smart App Solution.

Furthermore, the Solution will provide cross-platform and cross-scenario management, enabling developers to craft more intricate and customized smart home scenarios that will enhance users’ lives and make them feel smarter and more at ease. Using the home cleaning scenario as an example, the Tuya-enabled App, which integrates Google Device and Structure APIs, will turn off the fan, adjust the air conditioning to economy mode, and simultaneously start the sweeping robot to clean the living room when the motion sensor powered by Tuya detects that the user has left the room for five minutes. This increases convenience for people’s family lives by ensuring cleanliness in the house and reducing energy use.

It is noteworthy that Tuya has experimented with Device and Structure APIs in the past, utilizing the Tuya Smart App to create customized smart home scenarios. At the Google I/O 2024, the scenario was completely exhibited this time as well, grabbing the audience’s attention. It displays the good ecosystem compatibility of Tuya-enabled App in addition to the application possibilities of Google Device and Structure APIs. This creative approach can also offer developers everywhere helpful references and direction in the meantime.

In the future, Tuya plans to collaborate with industry leaders like Google to delve further into the domain of smart homes, provide worldwide developers with access to more dependable, secure, and stable cutting-edge technology, and together promote the industry’s advancement.

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