Thursday, April 18, 2024

AITech365’s Weekly Roundup: Discover the Most Recent News From WealthArc, PractiTest, EXL, BMW!

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Here is AITech365’s Weekly Roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

In Cybersecurity news this week…

WealthArc and ZeroLink are transforming wealth management with Artificial Intelligence

WealthArc, a Swiss born global wealth data management solution provider, has partnered with ZeroLink, a pioneering company in neurosymbolic KGQA technology, to develop WealthArc AI & Analytics – a cutting-edge machine learning-powered “Chat with your data” service tailored for the wealth management space. The integration of ZeroLink’s technology in the development of WealthArc AI & Analytics enables a game-changing approach for wealth management to effortlessly access, navigate, and comprehend complex data sets.

In IT and DevOps news this week…

PractiTest’s Smart Fox AI Assistant and Test Value Score Redefine QA Excellence

PractiTest, a prominent figure in enterprise-grade software test management, introduces advanced AI capabilities, further enhancing its industry-leading solutions. In recent years, the advent of AI technology has yielded substantial advantages, fostering improved efficiencies, time savings, and overall effectiveness. This empowerment extends to QA professionals, enabling them to streamline time-consuming tasks and prioritize strategic actions. Yaniv Iny, CEO of PractiTest, remarks, “As a frontrunner, we take pride in integrating AI capabilities into our test management platform, marking a significant step forward in enhancing testing processes across various industries.”

In Analytics news this week…

EXL promotes digital and technology leaders to its executive committee to drive continued expansion of data- and AI-led digital solutions

EXL, a leading data analytics and digital operations and solutions company, announced the promotion of two seasoned professionals to key positions within its Executive Committee. Anand “Andy” Logani, who has played a pivotal role in advancing EXL’s digital initiatives, will join the Executive Committee as executive vice president and chief digital officer. Baljinder Singh, who has led EXL’s technology, cyber security and infrastructure functions, joins the Executive Committee as executive vice president, global chief information officer.

In Computing news this week…

DigitalOcean Announces Availability of NVIDIA H100 GPUs on Paperspace Platform, Expanding Access to AI Compute for Startups and Growing Digital Businesses

DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc., the developer cloud optimized for startups and growing digital businesses, announced virtualized availability of NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs on its Paperspace platform. Paperspace, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure for highly scalable GPU-accelerated applications, now offers access to one of the market’s most powerful GPUs. This provides startups and growing digital businesses with state-of-the-art infrastructure crucial for developing the next generation of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) applications.

In Customer Experience news this week…

Nextiva Acquires Thrio: Democratizing Customer Experience with AI

Nextiva, a leading provider of customer experience solutions, is making strategic strides in the CX evolution through the acquisition of Thrio. Thrio is an award-winning contact center software company renowned for its expertise in AI-driven customer experience. This acquisition signifies the next step in Nextiva’s mission to democratize customer experience technology for businesses of all sizes. Nextiva is an early mover in the connected conversations space and now powers billions of conversations, including digital interactions. All of this will be available in one, cohesive experience. Nextiva customers will gain immediate access to Thrio’s offerings.

In Robotic Process Automation news this week…

Figure announces commercial agreement with BMW Manufacturing to bring general purpose robots into automotive production

Figure, a California-based company developing autonomous humanoid robots, announced that it has signed a commercial agreement with BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC to deploy general purpose robots in automotive manufacturing environments. Figure’s humanoid robots enable the automation of difficult, unsafe, or tedious tasks throughout the manufacturing process, which in turn allows employees to focus on skills and processes that cannot be automated, as well as continuous improvement in production efficiency and safety.

In Machine Learning news this week…

EQTY Lab Brings Open Source AI Integrity Framework to Hugging Face Community with Industry-First Native Hedera Blockchain Integration

In a groundbreaking move towards AI integrity, EQTY Lab, a leading responsible AI company, proudly announces the release of ClimateGPT on the Hugging Face community AI platform. This integration empowers the global community of developers with a robust AI integrity fabric that authenticates, secures, and governs responsible AI models, seamlessly integrated with the Hedera public ledger.

In MarTech this week…

PolyAI Unveils Its 2024 CX 100: One Hundred Visionaries Revolutionizing Customer Experience

PolyAI, the world’s premiere provider of customer-led voice assistants for the enterprise, is proud to announce the release of its second annual CX 100. This prestigious list recognizes 100 trailblazing individuals who have transformed the customer experience landscape with their unwavering dedication to innovation and empowerment, while keeping a customer-centric focus.

Insight of the Week

A Beginner’s Guide to Using AI for Small Businesses

AI for Small BusinessesWhile many business owners are still exploring the implications of artificial intelligence (AI), a recent report from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC) indicates that a significant portion of small businesses are leveraging AI tools to enhance efficiency, resulting in substantial annual cost savings. According to a survey by the SBEC, nearly half (48%) small businesses adopted AI tools in the past year, with 29% having utilized them for one to two years. Let’s get started and understand everything about how AI for small businesses can enhance efficiency and profits.


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