Friday, February 23, 2024

Genius Group enters Joint Venture with RetreatVR to build VR Life Campus with VR AI Genie on Meta Store and Apple Vision Pro

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Genius Group Limited, a leading entrepreneur edtech and education group, announces that it has entered into a joint venture agreement to develop the Genius Metaversity ‘Life Campus’ with RetreatVR, the founding team of GeniusX and developers of Retreat App, a virtual reality education application on the Meta VR Store that hosts classes featuring top experts in the Metaverse.

Life Campus will be the newest addition of learning content to the four current virtual campuses on Genius Group’s Edtech platform, GeniusU, serving its 5.4 million students from around the world. The current campuses (Entrepreneur Campus, Investor Campus, University Campus and School Campus) each deliver freemium and premium courses to their particular audience of students both digitally and via microschools at locations with GeniusU’s 14,000 partners globally. Life Campus will complement these campuses by delivering courses on health, mental health, relationships, communication and life skills delivered by leading experts.

The goal of the joint venture is to combine the strength of GeniusU’s current platform, students and partners together with RetreatVR’s courses and partners, including those already developed in virtual reality on the Meta VR store with Retreat App, featuring experts in creativity, careers, wellness, mindset, relationships, financial well-being and entrepreneurship.

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The joint venture will build Life Campus initially on Genius Metaversity, accessible via PC and laptop via GeniusU, and then to build it to also be accessible with the next generation of VR headsets in a combination of 2D and 3D as an app on the Meta Store and Apple Vision Pro platform.

The Company and RetreatVR will also be developing Genius Group’s Genie AI into an interactive AI teaching assistant in VR personalized to each student, combining the 3D avatars that RetreatVR has developed with GeniusU’s Genie AI that advises each student based on their personal talents, passions, purpose and learning goals.

The Company anticipates Life Campus will be market ready and open to its students on GeniusU in Q1 2024.

CEO of Genius Group, Roger Hamilton, said “We have been working with the RetreatVR team in the development of our Genius Metaversity 2.0, and we believe that their VR development team is world class. We are excited to bring their courses and mentors within RetreatVR to GeniusU, and the topics we will be covering in Life Campus have been requested by our students of all ages.”

CEO of GeniusX and the RetreatVR team, Nick Janicki said “Retreat App was one of the first learning apps on the Meta VR Store, and we have been grateful to have the support of Meta, including receiving a Meta grant for the development of our app. Metaverse tools and interest in the Metaverse has accelerated tremendously. This joint venture with Genius Group enables us to use the VR assets and development team we have built to reach a wider audience and to integrate our mentors and experts with GeniusU’s courses and community. We’re extremely excited to be pioneering this new world of learning with GeniusU and Genius Metaversity.”

SOURCE : GlobeNewswire


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