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Salsify Announces Launch of the Salsify PXM Advance Platform, AI-Propelled for the 2nd Decade of the Digital Shelf

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Salsify, the Product Experience Management (PXM) platform empowering brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to win on the digital shelf, announced the general availability of Salsify PXM Advance, a new version of the Salsify platform that features product advancements across AI and automation, efficiency improvements in governance and syndication and Enhanced Content capabilities to drive increased conversion rates. The new version also introduces the Salsify PXM App Center, a central homebase for PXM innovation from Salsify and their global network of partners.

Salsify was named a “Leader” in Forrester’s market evaluation, “The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management, Q4 2023”.

The company’s technology leadership was further underscored by its acceptance into the MACH Alliance in 2023.

The new release validates the company’s commitment to equipping customers to future proof their business. Salsify spent three years and more than $20 million in product investments on Salsify PXM Advance to deliver the capabilities designed for the scale, efficiency, and automation customers require across the PXM lifecycle.

“The voices of our customers are the driving force of the new PXM Advance platform,” said Julie Marobella, Chief Product Officer at Salsify. “The platform is designed to implement PXM innovations from Salsify and a global ecosystem of partners that allow our customers to take full advantage of the business opportunities in this second decade of PXM: operational excellence and sales performance improvements across every product page.”

“Salsify’s new PXM Advance platform exemplifies the impact that AI and automation can have on product experience management,” said Heather Hershey, Research Director for IDC’s Worldwide Digital Commerce practice. “Brand manufacturers’ digital commerce strategies must evolve beyond the ‘cold mechanics of technology’ in order to connect with consumers. PXM Advance enables Salsify’s customers to accelerate their PXM operations, driving product experiences on the digital shelf that will capture shoppers’ attention, loyalty, and trust.”

In new omnichannel research released today from the Digital Shelf Institute and omnichannel research and advisory firm Stratably, 71% of digital leaders from 78 consumer brands believe PDP quality significantly influences their ROAS.

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Additionally, a recent consumer survey found that 78% of shoppers find product images and descriptions extremely or very important to their buying journey. Aligning with this sentiment, 71% of digital leaders from 78 consumer brands believe PDP quality significantly influences their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Salsify PXM Advance can help optimize every point on the digital shelf for maximum conversion.

Some of the new benefits included in Salsify PXM Advance include:

  • AI that improves quality, speed and keeps humans in the loop: The Salsify platform uses AI based on more than 740 million products published across 950 destinations worldwide in 2023 alone to power the real-time validation of product content. Generative AI capabilities are deeply integrated into Salsify’s workflows capability, enabling customers to create and refresh product content at scale while ensuring efficient human review and approval.
  • Meet retailer requirements faster, spend more time selling: PXM Advance validates content against the latest retailer-specific requirements in real-time helping you send the right content with significantly less mapping effort. A new Universal Properties capability gives every product an automated jump start with core pre-approved data, dramatically speeding up the syndication process.
  • Convert more shoppers: Increase engagement on your PDPs with unlimited below-the-fold layouts, including interactive comparison charts, image galleries, PDFs, video, and hotspots that drive 15% higher conversion rates on average. Integrated digital shelf reporting highlights conversion-driving best practices alongside where your product data is stored so you can optimize content to increase discoverability, traffic, and conversion rates.

PXM Advance also includes the new Salsify Grocery Accelerator, the industry’s first-ever category-wide PXM accelerator, designed specifically for the Grocery category’s unique data and compliance needs. The Grocery Accelerator combines the Grocery Category Guide, co-developed in partnership with the world’s largest grocery retailers, with AI-propelled automation, human expertise, and multiple levels of validation to syndicate accurate and high-quality product content to every grocery retailer in less time.

Other features include a unified GDSN data pool that now supports 9 countries, including US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France, with many more to come; and new Configuration Management APIs and multi-locale workflows that allow Salsify IT and their SI partners to set up, test, and manage Salsify instances at scale.

The PXM App Center also launches today with more than 40 applications from both Salsify and its global ecosystem of technology partners and system integrator partners building on top of the extensible Salsify platform. These include retailer, distributor and marketplace destinations, integrations with other enterprise systems, and AI and automation out-of-the-box extensions.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire


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