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MetaSoul® API for Microsoft Neural Voices and OpenAI Enhanced Persona

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MetaSoul® Azure API, the game-changer for Microsoft emotional Voices and OpenAI Persona
Introducing MetaSoul Azure API: Revolutionizing Emotional AI Voices and OpenAI Ehanced Persona

Do you want to avoid the complexities and challenges when combining OpenAI and Microsoft Neural Text to Speech to achieve nuanced emotions in your applications? Managing emotions for each phrase and adjusting intensity in real-time can be cumbersome. Fear not, as we present MetaSoul Azure API, the ultimate solution for effortless integration and unparalleled emotional AI voices and faces.

API Integration:

The MetaSoul Azure API provides a collection of APIs to help users achieve key features. These APIs use JWT-based Tokens for user identity verification. Users can acquire tokens using the provided credentials after purchasing our APIs. Each JWT Token is valid for 24 hours, necessitating the generation of a new token afterward. Upon purchasing our services, users gain access to the following APIs for seamless integration with their websites. If you want more information, please refer to our API documentation and dive into our playground to test our solution.

Introducing MetaSoul: Elevating Emotional Intelligence in AI Interactions:

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Technology:

MetaSoul seamlessly integrates with Azure Speech technology, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our API automates emotion and intensity settings in real-time, infusing emotions seamlessly into your content.

Automated Emotional Tuning:

Forget manual adjustments. MetaSoul provides automated emotional tuning, aligning perfectly with your content. Enjoy a smooth workflow without compromising on emotional depth.

Beyond Voices: MetaSoul goes beyond voice enhancements, offering lifelike lipsync with viseme. Enhance user engagement with virtual characters conveying emotions convincingly.

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Real-time Emotional Data for Avatar and Deepfake Control:

Elevate your avatar or deepfake experience with MetaSoul’s real-time emotional data. Control facial expressions dynamically for an immersive and responsive interaction.

Game-Changer for Emotional AI Voices:

MetaSoul is not just an API but a game-changer in emotional AI voices. Experience ease of implementation and the power to deliver emotionally rich content effortlessly.

Myers Briggs Personality Development:

Craft a real persona for ChatGPT with a Myers Briggs personality type. Explore 16 distinct personalities, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics.

EPG (Emotion Profile Graph):

Generate an Emotion Profile Graph from emotional experiences and real-time emotional states. Experience dynamic emotional responses tailored to the conversation and environment.

Real-time Emotional Synthesis:

Enable real-time emotional synthesis for a responsive and emotionally intelligent AI persona. Enhance interactions by allowing the persona to adapt emotionally based on the context.

Metaverse Interaction:

Create dynamic interactions in the metaverse linked to Myers Briggs personality, real-time emotional states, and learned sensitivity. NPCs and avatars respond dynamically, offering an immersive and engaging experience.

MetaSoul Speech API Integration:

Combine seamlessly with MetaSoul Speech API to control Microsoft voices emotionally. Provide visemes for lifelike lipsync and real-time emotion synthesis for expressive avatars.

Environment Awareness:

React emotionally not only to the conversation but also to the environment itself. Achieve a truly immersive experience where the AI adapts and responds to the surrounding world.

Source: Microsoft


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