Friday, May 24, 2024

Springbok’s Full Body MRI Muscle Health Analysis Named to Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas Awards

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Springbok Analytics, a life sciences muscle analytics company, announced that it has been recognized by Fast Company on its 2024 World Changing Ideas Awards list for its full body MRI muscle health analysis. Named an honorable mention in the Health Services category, Springbok is building a new standard in muscle health with its AI-based technology, improving health and performance outcomes for all: from elite athletes to those suffering from muscle-wasting diseases, as well as the millions of people looking to improve their quality of life, and the pursuit of longevity. Springbok’s new, rapid full body analysis is the first commercialized technology to accurately quantify individual muscles from MRI.

“Full body analyses from MRI are becoming more commonplace with advancements in AI, imaging technology, and an increased interest in preventive health,” said Silvia Blemker, Springbok Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. “We are proud to be the first technology to accurately quantify over 100 individual muscles across the legs, core, back, chest, shoulder, and arms, providing a holistic, personalized view of muscle volume, symmetry, balance, and health.” Dr. Blemker was recently recognized for her contributions to the fields of muscle health and biomechanics, becoming the first woman to win the Goel Award for Translational Research in Biomechanics from the American Society of Biomechanics.

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Earlier this year, Springbok was selected by Fast Company as part of its 2024 Most Innovative Companies list, and its technology was also recognized by Sports Business Journal as the Best in Athlete Performance Technology for 2024. The winners of Fast Company’s 2024 World Changing Ideas Awards were announced today, highlighting fresh sustainability initiatives, cutting-edge AI developments, ambitious pursuits of social equity, and other creative projects that are helping mold the world.

To date, muscle health analysis tools and techniques have largely been manual, subjective, and based on estimations with high variability. Springbok has developed an AI-based technology that generates automated, objective, precise and scalable analysis from MRI, and is deploying it across existing imaging networks, requiring no additional hardware or software.

“We have built a powerful core technology with many high-value applications across healthcare, from optimizing athlete performance and injury management, to informing research and clinical trials, and into large-scale MSK injury prediction and management,” said Scott Magargee, Springbok CEO and Co-Founder. A Springbok lower extremity scan takes under 10 minutes of imaging time, and this new full body scan takes under 40 minutes.

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