Friday, February 23, 2024

Weaviate partners with Snowflake to bring secure GenAI to Snowpark Container Services

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Weaviate has partnered with Snowflake to empower enterprises to run Weaviate’s AI-native vector database securely within their Snowflake data environment

Weaviate is an open source vector database that’s purpose built for AI. Weaviate announces its integration with Snowflake’s Snowpark Container Services (currently in public preview), a fully managed container offering designed to facilitate the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications within the Snowflake ecosystem. Snowflake customers can now run Weaviate inside of Snowflake with Snowpark Container Services.

The past year has unlocked a flurry of activity for enterprises racing to drive business value through AI. Vector search and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) have become popular techniques for engineering teams building generative AI applications with large-scale, complex data. Weaviate’s open source vector database was built to handle the complexity of modern search and AI applications and to make it easier for teams to build and scale them.

With Weaviate and Snowflake, enterprises can leverage the latest innovation in AI without compromising the security of their data. Deployment within Snowpark Container Services ensures that all data operations, including embeddings and vector searches, are performed within the user’s secure environment. This means that sensitive information remains under the company’s control at all times, never leaving the confines of its Snowflake instance. Such localized processing is critical for compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

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“Vector databases play a crucial role in developing modern search and LLM-based applications,” said Muzz Imam, Senior Product Manager at Snowflake for Snowpark Container Services. “We’re proud to partner with Weaviate to offer Snowflake customers these cutting-edge capabilities with a safety net.”

This public preview release is just the first from Weaviate and Snowflake. The teams are leaning into their partnership and plan to continue adding value for customers running Weaviate on Snowpark Container Services.

“Today’s AI applications require a new type of infrastructure,” said Bob van Luijt, CEO of Weaviate. “We’re excited to build our partnership with Snowflake and bring the AI-native tech stack to enterprises that need it where their data lives.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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