Thursday, April 18, 2024

NetApp Collaborates with NVIDIA to Enable Customers to Securely “Talk to Their Data”

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NetApp announced its collaboration with NVIDIA to advance Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for generative AI applications.

The new collaboration directly connects the just-announced NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices , available on the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, for developing and deploying production-grade AI applications, including generative AI, with exabytes of data on NetApp’s intelligent data infrastructure. Every NetApp ONTAP® customer will now be able to seamlessly communicate with their data to gain proprietary business insights without compromising the security or confidentiality of their data.

Companies want to use publicly available, rich language models to communicate directly and securely with their corporate data, while knowing that their private data will never be accessible outside the company. Until now, companies looking to develop internal chatbots, co-pilots and applications to leverage corporate knowledge have been faced with the complexity and uncertainty of how to get started without compromising data security or privacy.

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NetApp and NVIDIA have developed a simple solution for RAG using NVIDIA NeMo Retriever Microservices technology that can leverage all data stored on NetApp ONTAP, both in the enterprise and in the leading public clouds.

NetApp customers can now query their data through simple prompts, whether it’s spreadsheets, documents, presentations, technical drawings, images, meeting recordings, or even data from their ERP or CRM systems – all while maintaining the Access control that you already set up when saving the data.

“As the leader in unstructured data management, NetApp makes data infrastructures intelligent to safely accelerate AI innovation. Together with NVIDIA, we have helped over 500 data-driven companies become AI-ready,” said George Kurian, CEO at NetApp. “Our work together will enable installed NetApp systems to seamlessly and securely use NVIDIA’s tools with their unstructured data. AI is defining a new data-driven era and NetApp and NVIDIA are at the forefront of ensuring customers’ success in adopting and implementing AI.”

SOURCE: Businesswire


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