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Introducing Mission Cloud Gateway: AWS Strategic Spend Management for Accelerated Growth Exclusively Available in the AWS Marketplace

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New Platform Empowers Businesses to Boost Performance, Maximize AWS Investment, and Accelerate Innovation in the Cloud

Mission Cloud, a leading AI and cloud solutions provider, announced the launch of Mission Cloud Gateway, an innovative software platform designed to help businesses optimize their AWS environments and drive efficient growth while adhering to foundational best practices. Mission Cloud Gateway is exclusively available in the AWS Marketplace.

Mission Cloud Gateway combines AWS expertise, consultative guidance, and advanced tooling to address the evolving needs of businesses in the cloud. The platform focuses on managing costs, improving governance, and adopting technologies that transform businesses, all aligned with Mission Cloud’s strategic AWS spending methodology, re: Invest.

“Mission Cloud Gateway represents a significant leap forward in AWS strategic spend management,” said Ted Stuart, President and Chief Operating Officer at Mission Cloud. “We’ve distilled years of cloud expertise into a single platform that enables enterprises to manage complex AWS environments all in one place. Mission Cloud Gateway isn’t just about optimization—it’s about giving organizations the insights and tools they need to make smarter decisions, reduce unnecessary spending, and drive innovation. Combining FinOps, InfraOps, and Reserved Instance Operations (RI Ops) into one solution enables our customers to transform their cloud operations from a cost center into a driver of business value.”

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Key features of Mission Cloud Gateway include:

  • Mission Cloud Score: A comprehensive assessment tool that measures alignment to AWS best practices across cost, operations, security, reliability, and performance.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Identifies opportunities to improve AWS environments based on specific business goals.
  • Resource Monitoring: Provides a single view to monitor critical AWS resources, evaluate resource-specific recommendations, and track alerts.
  • Engineer Assist: Pay-as-you-go DevOps support for ad-hoc tasks and engagements, allowing businesses to delegate modifications and troubleshooting to Mission Cloud’s team of experts.
  • Managed Reserved Instance Operations: Our experts manage your Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs) purchasing, de-risking commitments, and freeing capital for growth initiatives.
  • Expert Guidance and Implementation: Provides coordinated support from Cloud Analysts, Solutions Architects, and DevOps Engineers to ensure each initiative makes the desired impact while preserving performance and improving development lifecycles.

“By partnering with Mission, we now have access to the AWS knowledge base required to keep up with cloud best practices. We also have a foundation for our platform to support thousands of clients and the building blocks to facilitate platform improvements. We know what we want, and Mission helps engineer how to get there from a DevOps and infrastructure perspective” said Jonathan Fishbeck, Founder and CEO at EstateSpace. See the EstateSpace Case Study on Mission Cloud’s website.

Mission Cloud Gateway is ideal for enterprise customers looking to optimize complex AWS environments. It takes the guesswork out of billing, usage, and forecasting, tracks infrastructural health, and helps businesses adopt betst practices and native services that maximize their investment in AWS.

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