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Writer Launches First-Ever Collaborative AI Studio to Empower Technical and Non-technical Users to Build AI Apps and Workflows for the Enterprise

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Writer, the full-stack generative AI platform for enterprises, announced Writer AI Studio, a suite of new development tools that make it fast and easy for business users and developers to reinvent workflows with generative AI. Now live for all Writer customers, AI Studio solves a critical and previously unsolved problem holding back generative AI: how to bring in the business users who have the data, know-how and context to collaborate with AI engineers on the “last mile” of AI application development.

Since its launch in 2020, Writer has helped over 250 leading enterprises, such as Accenture, Dropbox, L’Oreal, and Vanguard, build generative AI apps that solve critical business challenges and deliver meaningful ROI. The release of AI Studio adds new ways for developers and business users to harness its integrated system of top-ranked, Writer-built LLMs, graph-based RAG, and AI guardrails.

“The enterprise is a graveyard of unused AI chat applications,” said May Habib, CEO and co-founder of Writer. “It’s easy to get to so-so in generative AI, but incredibly hard to get to production-worthy. We added Writer AI Studio to our platform after more than three years of being in the trenches building AI apps and workflow with our customers. We’re now giving customers the ability to innovate, deploy, and scale generative AI across their business faster than ever before.”

In a recent study, Writer found that only 10% of companies had high confidence in their ability to build generative AI solutions. Companies are stuck in proof-of-concept purgatory as they struggle to advance their AI tools into production. With Writer AI Studio, companies can expand access to AI app building — accelerating innovation and speeding time-to-value for generative AI.

Today’s release includes three new ways to build apps on the Writer platform:

  • No-code: Intuitive tools that enable non-technical business users to easily build apps that automate workflows, generate assets, or answer questions on company data.
  • Writer Framework: An open-source framework that helps developers quickly build feature-rich AI apps with a visual editor and an extensible Python backend.
  • Writer API: API endpoints for integrating Writer generative AI technology into apps or services within a company’s stack, with SDKs available for Python and TypeScript.

Writer customers using AI Studio in beta have already deployed hundreds of highly customized AI apps to drive business value. These apps range from knowledge assistants connected to company data to campaign automation apps that generate a suite of launch assets from a single input to RFP apps that can streamline operational workflows.

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Writer acquires Streamsync and expands developer capabilities with new APIs

To bolster its offering for developers, Writer has shipped new API endpoints and acquired Streamsync — now known as the Writer Framework. The open-source framework allows developers to create feature-rich AI apps fully integrated with the Writer platform. Although the Writer Framework remains open source, it’s deeply integrated with our full-stack generative AI platform. In just a few lines of code, you can directly access our sophisticated APIs within your AI apps — no need to stitch together a stack. Apps can be quickly created with a developer-friendly visual editor that preserves the power of Python in the backend. Developers can edit and extend the code powering their app in a browser or their favorite IDE, bringing the full power of the Python ecosystem to their AI workflow. Apps can be deployed with a single line of code to the Writer cloud — with additional deployment options coming soon.

“Streamsync started as a wild idea. I wanted to make building data apps quick and easy for any developer. With Writer, we can push that vision further by bringing AI capabilities to the types of tools developers know and love,” says Ramiro Medina, former CEO of Streamsync and new Engineering Manager at Writer. “Writer is leading the industry, helping enterprises embrace a bigger vision for AI and what work can become. This is just the beginning – we have so much in store for developers.”

Adore Me, a direct-to-consumer women’s apparel brand, uses Writer AI Studio to build personalized digital journeys, streamline digital shelf creation, and much more. Their AI apps and workflows built with the Writer Framework allow their team to generate high-conversion web content for new products and deploy them across a multitude of channels with just a few clicks. With Writer, Adore Me significantly reduced the upkeep of their product pages and shortened rollout time when expanding into new regions. The application built with Writer by Adore Me allowed their non-technical business users to, for example, customize their own prompts for Spanish regional dialects and accuracy and deploy them to the whole company.

“With Writer AI Studio, my business and engineering teams can seamlessly collaborate on AI apps. Business users can use the Writer no-code tools to spin up new apps and adjust prompts, while engineers can use the Writer Framework to build sophisticated UIs and embed apps in our system,” said Ranjan Roy, SVP of Strategy at Adore Me. “Now it takes us days, not months, to ship AI apps that are highly customized to our workflows and embedded in our own systems.”

Source: Businesswire


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