Sunday, July 14, 2024

Panaya Launches AI-Codeless Test Automation Solution for Business Applications, Powered by Change Intelligence

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Panaya, the leader in SaaS-based AI-Powered Smart Testing and Change Intelligence for ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Cloud Applications, announces the launch of its latest codeless test automation solution. This new solution solidifies Panaya’s position as the go-to SaaS platform for Cross-Application Testing and Change Intelligence. The solution reinforces Panaya’s position as the industry frontrunner in testing, having maintained its status as a G2 leader for 14 consecutive quarters.

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, organizations rely on multiple applications to streamline operations, ensuring the seamless functioning of critical business processes is paramount. However, testing each application in isolation falls short, as changes in one application can have ripple effects across the entire ecosystem. Panaya’s test automation allows organizations to comprehensively validate end-to-end processes, identifying potential points of failure and inconsistencies. This solution provides a holistic view of the business landscape, enabling proactive risk mitigation, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime and errors.

Panaya’s testing solution is the only fully SaaS solution, covering all aspects of the testing process including codeless test automation, comprehensive test management and change impact analysis. With its intuitive interface and streamlined onboarding process, users can be up and running in less than 60 minutes. The codeless nature of the solution eliminates the need for technical expertise and makes testing accessible to users of all skill levels. Moreover, Panaya enables collaboration between business and technical users, facilitating seamless communication and alignment throughout the testing process.

Panaya leverages Generative AI to enhance its Codeless Test Automation solution by generating random data, validating complex expressions, and offering an AI co-pilot for product queries. Additionally, GenAI automatically creates test scripts, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of the test repository and thorough data analysis. This approach streamlines automation processes, providing smart automation for SAP and Salesforce environments. Panaya’s GenAI ensures increased productivity for testers and ease of use, setting a new standard in efficiency and effectiveness compared to legacy automation tools.

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“Our vision is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to grow as fast and as safely as possible,” says David Binny, CEO of Panaya. “With our No-Code & Low-Code Test Automation, testing becomes infinitely more accessible for all team members, reducing bottlenecks and reliance on technical experts.”

Panaya’s Smart Testing Platform is a comprehensive SaaS-native solution that integrates Requirements Management, Test Management, Low-Code & No-Code Test Automation, as well as Change Intelligence. This platform streamlines end-to-end, cross-application testing processes, providing organizations with the necessary tools to ensure seamless transitions during upgrades, updates, or process alterations.

As a recognized leader on G2 with hundreds of positive reviews and a leading 5-star solution in the Salesforce AppExchange, Panaya is celebrated for its excellence, reliability, robust features, and exceptional support. By winning key partnerships and key accounts, Panaya continues to solidify its position as a trusted partner in driving digital transformation and operational excellence.

“Our 15+ years of domain expertise in SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce are amplified by Generative AI and Machine Learning,” adds Binny. “This enables our smart engines to understand the interdependencies between critical business processes across different applications, taking automated testing of business applications to the next level.” We aim to continue driving growth, profitability, and value for our customers through continuous innovation and leadership in test automation and Change Intelligence technology.

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