Thursday, April 18, 2024

Exasol introduces new portfolio of AI tools to accelerate data analysis in companies

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Espresso AI provides cost-effective access to AI, allowing customers to avoid expensive and time-consuming experiments and achieve immediate ROI

Exasol, a provider of high-performance analytics databases, announced the launch of Espresso AI, comprised of multiple artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, at TDWI Transform 2024. Espresso AI helps companies carry out data analysis faster, more cost-effectively and more flexibly. With the new features, Espresso AI gives companies all the tools they need to harness the power of their data for advanced AI-powered insights and data-driven decisions. With Espresso AI, data teams are able to efficiently implement business-critical use cases such as demand forecasting, fraud detection, and churn predictions.

Exasol has expanded its versatile query engine Exasol Espresso with Espresso AI, combining AI and business intelligence (BI). How companies get better BI reports with predictive machine learning (ML) models. Espresso AI leverages Exasol’s industry-leading expertise in data management and analysis and optimizes data extraction, loading and transformation processes. This gives users the flexibility to immediately experiment with new technologies at scale, regardless of any limitations of their infrastructure – whether their data resides on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Costs and effort for data movements can be reduced and at the same time new technologies such as large language models (LLMs) can be integrated into the database with just a few clicks. By streamlining key steps in data preparation, companies accelerate the implementation of AI and ML solutions while ensuring the quality and reliability of their data.

Available now to Exasol Espresso customers, Espresso AI offers deeply integrated AI capabilities and ML tools including:

  • evoML integration: With TurinTech’s autoML tool, users can maximize the performance of their queries directly in their database by using ML models.
  • Exasol AI Lab: With the AI ​​Lab, Espresso AI offers a new container-based solution that enables data scientists to integrate Exasol’s in-memory analytics database into their preferred data science ecosystem. This enables them to create optimized AI models more quickly and use them on a large scale.
  • Veezoo Integration: This latest addition to Espresso allows customers to make natural language database queries and instantly get reliable answers from billions of records. Veezoo’s AI feature also provides intelligent suggestions for follow-up questions to improve data exploration and transform data analysis into an engaging and interactive experience.

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Exasol and TurinTech: Automatically create, optimize and deploy AI models

Exasol has natively integrated its platform with TurinTech’s award-winning evoML product to enable customers to realize the full potential of their data. By combining the strengths of both platforms, companies can take advantage of advanced data analytics with AI to gain deeper data insights faster. This means results in days rather than weeks, increasing productivity for both technical and business teams. The market-first power of Exasol’s parallel execution engine allows users to run statistical models on massive amounts of data at record speeds. All of this is complemented by easy-to-understand visualizations and a transparent model code.

“By bringing together Exasol’s high-performance analytics database with TurinTech’s advanced AI technology, we enable BI teams to independently build and explore high-quality ML models without drawing on resources from their data science teams,” said Leslie Kanthan, CEO and Founder of TurinTech AI. “By integrating our evoML platform with Exasol Espresso, companies can leverage AI and LLMs to achieve comprehensive improvements in data analytics.”

Exasol AI Lab: Build optimized AI models faster and deploy them at scale

The Exasol AI Lab, a new pre-configured container-based solution, enables data scientists to seamlessly and quickly integrate Exasol’s in-memory analytics database into their preferred data science ecosystem. The AI ​​Lab is the ideal starting point to implement AI use cases for Exasol. It supports any data science language and offers an extensive list of technology integrations including PyTorch, Hugging Face, scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Ibis, Amazon Sagemaker, Azure ML, Jupyter and much more. With this new functionality, data scientists can easily use Exasol for AI-related tasks such as data loading. -Preparation, training, optimization and execution of statistical models.

Jörg Tewes, CEO of Exasol: “Exasol’s new AI functions demonstrate our commitment to driving innovation and offering our customers significant added value. With a focus on data preparation, advanced AI integration and strategic partnerships, Exasol is positioned to empower companies to unlock the value of AI-driven analytics. This will enable them to thrive in today’s data-driven economy, whether they are just starting their AI journey or looking for ways to deploy AI in real-world applications beyond proof of concept at scale.”

SOURCE: BusinessWire


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