Monday, June 17, 2024

Unbabel Releases TowerLLM, the First Generative AI Model to Outperform GPT-4o, GPT-3.5 and Lead the Market in Machine Translation

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Designed, trained, and optimized on high-quality multilingual data, TowerLLM provides best-in-class performance in translation and on a wide variety of translation tasks

Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale, announced the launch of TowerLLM, the first Large Language Model (LLM) designed, trained, and optimized for translation, resulting in the best performing translation LLM commercially available. Unbabel customers using TowerLLM will significantly improve machine translation accuracy, reducing errors and cost, and will benefit from a more cost-effective price than popular LLMs.

TowerLLM provides superior translation quality to leading LLMs like GPT-4o and GPT-3.5, while consistently outperforming Google and DeepL, because it was made from scratch to be multilingual. Built on a large public data set, then trained only on best-quality translation data filtered out and curated by Unbabel’s quality LLM, COMETKiwi, TowerLLM demonstrates that LLMs are the next step in the evolution of AI translation.

“Despite the doubts from some in the industry, TowerLLM clearly demonstrates that LLMs are the best solution for machine translation,” said João Graça, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Unbabel. “We’ve invested years into developing LLMs, so we’re not surprised to see TowerLLM outperform GPT-4o. This is the second multilingual LLM we’ve released after COMETKiwi, and we’re just getting started.”

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Over the course of the release, TowerLLM will offer:

  • Machine translation across 18 language pairs
  • Named entity recognition to localize names, metrics, codes (i.e. currency, weights, locations, brands, etc.)
  • Source correction to eliminate textual errors in grammar and spelling pre-translation
  • Machine Post-Editing to automatically improve machine translation based on AI Quality Estimation that spotlights specific errors

Unbabel experiments show TowerLLM outperforms GPT-4o, GPT-3.5, Google, and DeepL in translation across language pairs, and on complex domains like medical, finance, technical, and legal, while beating out other LLMs on reasoning and contextual understanding. For further details and to test out TowerLLM.

Unbabel is leading the way in translation LLMs, and in the coming months will release further language pairs and capabilities that perform tasks to streamline the translation workflow and improve quality. TowerLLM is only available to customers.

SOURCE: Businesswire


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