Thursday, April 18, 2024

NextPlane Brings GenAI and Seamless Interconnection Between Microsoft Teams, UCaaS, and CX Platforms

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NextPlane, a leading provider of interoperability and federation services for collaboration solutions, announced a set of new software offerings – OpenCall and OpenAxys – that enable next-gen AI capabilities into Microsoft Teams PSTN calling with Unified Communications (UCaaS) and call center (CX) platforms while seamlessly empowering a suite of new capabilities leveraging large language models (LLMs).

OpenCall seamlessly integrates any Unified Communications (UC) platform, PBX, or SIP Trunk provider with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to effortlessly make calls and display their presence status directly within Teams while utilizing their current SBC, PBX, and SIP Trunk setup.  OpenAxys provides a host of new capabilities by seamlessly integrating UC & contact center (CX) platforms with AI tools and LLMs such as Open AI, Meta Llama 2, Google Bard, and many more.

“Our new research on voice platform migration shows almost half of U.S. businesses are still using legacy voice systems, and at the same time, a growing number are embracing cloud-based communications platforms like Teams or Slack for communication and collaboration,” said Matt Davis, analyst at Independent Research an analyst firm focused on the telecom.  “Innovative solutions like NextPlane’s that are designed to allow these presence and messaging technologies to talk to one another will increase in importance as cloud-based collaboration grows.”

“OpenCall and OpenAxys enable all service providers the ability to quickly and seamlessly deliver differentiated services to their subscribers,” said Farzin Shahidi, Founder and CEO of NextPlane. “Regardless of their UCaaS or CX platform, the CSPs can quickly offer new functional benefits to their subscribers by seamlessly integrating Teams or other presence and messaging platforms while also leveraging large language models to streamline operational models further and save time and money.”

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More on OpenCall

OpenCall seamlessly integrates any Unified Communications (UC) platform, PBX, or SIP Trunk provider with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to effortlessly make calls and display their status presence directly within Teams while utilizing their current SBC, PBX, and SIP Trunk setup.  NextPlane enables subscribers to upgrade their Microsoft Teams calls with an advanced AI companion that transcribes and analyzes voice and video calls.

Powered by sophisticated LLMs, OpenCall transforms transcripts of video and audio calls into detailed summaries, capturing action items, key decisions, and sentiment analysis, all aimed at significantly enhancing your productivity.  NextPlane serves as a dynamic interoperability layer, future-proofing integration with the Microsoft Graph API or SIP Gateway. This ensures effortless communication with any SBC, PBX, or SIP Trunk. Like an adept navigator, this layer skillfully maneuvers through Microsoft’s evolving landscape, ensuring stability and reliability. It provides a robust management interface and API, ideal for both current configurations and future resale opportunities.

More on OpenAxys

NextPlane’s OpenAxys offers seamless integration of communication platforms with major LMMs and AI tools. NextPlane’s innovative approach elevates real-time teamwork and guarantees full access to the advanced functionalities of a subscriber’s preferred AI tools within UC and CX platforms.  It automates summaries for all customer interactions, voice and digital by leveraging generative AI and integrating industry-specific AI models with LLMs and boosts efficiency, cuts costs, and improves agent performance.

This latest feature enhances CX platforms by matching consumers with agents using sentiment analysis for personalized interactions.  NextPlane OpenAxys functions as an abstraction layer, bridging the gap between UC platforms, custom applications, AI tools, and LLMs. This unique setup allows for seamless communication and integration across these different technologies. It simplifies the complexities involved in connecting custom apps and advanced AI capabilities with communication solutions, offering users a streamlined, efficient way to leverage the full potential of both their custom applications and state-of-the-art AI technologies within a unified environment.

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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