Friday, May 24, 2024 to accelerate the time to market for AI-enabled products in collaboration with NVIDIA

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By combining Mender and NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson, developers can quickly build, iterate, and manage AI products in the field, the leader in device lifecycle management and the company behind Mender, announces its collaboration with NVIDIA to enable full fleet management capabilities with NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson. Mender, the market-leading over-the-air (OTA) software update solution, delivers an out-of-the-box method for managing key aspects of NVIDIA Jetson deployment at scale in the field.

Across industries, new challenges emerge for managing large fleets of NVIDIA Jetson modules and its applications once deployed and in production. AI models and applications must be continuously refined and updated to improve their associated products while ensuring the highest levels of security. In today’s AI race, there is an increasing demand for a seamless solution that brings AI applications to billions of edge devices while simultaneously allowing continuous iteration and device management over their lifecycle.

With Mender and NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson, users can:

  • Iterate on AI models and applications faster for increased competitiveness
  • Update the Microservices for Jetson and the entire operating system stack for maintenance and security
  • Deliver robust and fault-tolerant deployments
  • Safeguard security at every step.

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Showcased at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running from March 18-21 in San Jose, Calif., NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson is a collection of cloud-native building blocks that enable the rapid development of AI applications for IoT products. They distribute the power of AI, expanding its accessibility to a large audience of developers on NVIDIA Jetson and facilitating the rapid development of new innovative applications by using out-of-the-box solutions like object pattern recognition.

In many real-world AI applications – such as smart cameras in physical security, manufacturing, and automotive industries – the AI models or applications must run on edge IoT devices to support rapid response times and efficiency. In collaboration with NVIDIA, the Mender OTA infrastructure now enables full fleet management capabilities with Metropolis Microservices for Jetson.

“We see the use of NVIDIA Jetson in IoT products worldwide growing quickly, especially in the physical security and automotive sectors. NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson is an exciting milestone in making AI in IoT accessible to an expansive audience of innovators,” comments Eystein Stenberg, co-founder and CTO of “Already providing fleet management for millions of devices globally, Mender is the natural fit for managing this next generation of AI-enabled IoT products.”

The combination of Mender and NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson allows AI models, applications, and devices to be easily, quickly, and securely updated and managed at scale in production. Shortening the cycles between development, iteration, and product releases catalyzes faster innovation and better products, helping users realize the power AI possesses for building a better world sooner.

SOURCE: PRNewswire


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