Tuesday, April 23, 2024

ATS Life Sciences and Staubli Robotics Collaborate to Develop a Multi-Million-Dollar End-to-End Syringe Manufacturing System

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The ATS Life Sciences Systems engineering team, leveraging the power of Staubli Robotics capabilities, has been selected to build a large-scale syringe assembly system in the eastern United States. The system will span from the molding systems to the end-of-line pack-out, resulting in a highly efficient and reliable system consistently delivering quality and performance.

The collaboration between ATS Life Sciences Systems (LSS) and Staubli Robotics combines the expertise of two industry leaders to deliver innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of customers, in this case a 300 parts-per-minute, end-to-end syringe assembly system. The system is built on ATS LSS’ high-performance assembly platform and incorporates Staubli Robotics’ advanced technology, featuring eight Staubli robots employed in various operations, including mold unloading, siliconization, tip capping, and robust quality and visual inspections.

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Olivier Cremoux leads the North American Sales and Marketing team for Staubli Pharma and Med Devices, based in Duncan, South Carolina. He states, “Staubli and ATS LSS have established a strategic partnership to develop high-end automation projects for the pharma and medical industry. While our companies have collaborated for years, creating state-of-the-art automated solutions for device manufacturing and drug compounding, we are reaching a new milestone with this great success.”

Andy Glaser, VP of Global Sales at ATS Life Sciences Systems, comments, “By harnessing the expertise of industry leaders like Staubli and pairing them with the innovative solutions that ATS LSS has become known for, we address our unique customer challenges and continue to drive innovative solutions which fundamentally tackles the market demand for medical devices.”



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