Thursday, April 18, 2024

Artisight Announces Systemwide Expansion of AI-Driven Smart Hospital Platform at WellSpan Health

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 Pennsylvania health system will expand use of AI-driven virtual sitter and virtual nurse technology to over 1,000 beds on the heels of a successful pilot program.

Artisight, Inc., a Smart Hospital Platform powered by industry-defining artificial intelligence to provide virtual care, quality improvement, and care coordination solutions, announced a systemwide expansion of its collaboration with WellSpan Health. The new program will bring the remote nursing, remote observation, and AI services of Artisight’s Smart Hospital Platform to just over 1,000 total beds across the WellSpan Health system.

Artisight’s platform was first implemented at WellSpan’s Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital in August 2023. The health system, which counts over 2,000 providers, 220 patient care locations, and eight hospitals, sought a care transformation solution to alleviate nurse burnout and improve outcomes for patients with high fall risk. WellSpan worked with Artisight to train algorithms to respond to these specific needs in the hospital’s unique setting. The subsequent pilot program produced clear-cut results –– including a 15% decrease in patient falls, 21% improvement in patient experience scores related to nurse communication, and an 11% improvement in RN turnover.

“WellSpan’s continuing pledge to transform care across its hospitals speaks to its commitment to improve healthcare for clinicians and patients alike,” said Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO, president of Artisight. “For too long, we have put burdensome administrative tasks on the backs of our nurses. By automating mundane tasks, Artisight’s platform increases efficiencies and elevates care at the bedside. This is how we bring the joy back to medicine.”

Artisight’s Smart Hospital Platform encompasses AI-driven sensors, computer vision, voice recognition, vital sign monitoring, indoor positioning capabilities, and actionable analytics reports. The platform’s deep learning and open integration standards streamline safe patient care and reduce clinician burden. The platform, which is hardware agnostic and can be used with any electronic health record system, integrates into existing technology, ensuring cohesion for hospitals and health systems.

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Artisight’s approach of solving the first problem first and scaling to address future needs allowed WellSpan to gather quantifiable results and gain internal support for the program’s expansion. Full implementation is expected by summer.

“The Artisight Smart Hospital Platform advances our vision for the next generation of care delivery,” said Dr. R. Hal Baker, senior vice president and chief digital information officer at WellSpan Health. “When we saw the results of the pilot program – meaningful safety gains, emphatic support from our nurses, and marked efficiency improvements – the decision to implement the platform across our health system was easy.  By partnering vigilant technology with the compassionate expertise of our nurses, we can overcome pressing system challenges and positively impact patient outcomes.”

“We are laser-focused on the future of care for the patients and community we serve, so being able to add innovative, additional support to our bedside nurses and our patients is outstanding,” said Kasey Paulus, senior vice president and chief nursing executive at WellSpan Health. “Even when the caregiver is not in the room, our patient is never alone, supporting a win-win for team members on both sides of the system.”

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