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Wondershare Filmora for Mobile Major Version Upgrade Showcases AI-Powered Solutions for On-the-Fly Editing.


Wondershare, a leader in creative software services, has released the latest stage of its major mobile upgrade for its flagship product, Filmora, a powerful AI video editor. Filmora for mobile adds innovative AI tools and features such as an AI AutoCut and Dynamic Captions to its already powerful offering. It also includes key enhancements to Speech-To-Text and the addition of the AI Remover feature to remove unwanted objects from footage.

Filmora for mobile continues to deliver on its promise of being a user-friendly mobile video editor with its latest update. Expanding on its previous innovative update, which brought AI-powered features to a smartphone form factor, AI AutoCut simplifies the constant editing work required by today’s content creators. Once a user selects a video theme, the versatile new feature automatically organizes the user’s media, extracts highlights. It instantly adds impressive transitions and suitable AI-generated music tailored to the final product.

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With the introduction of Filmora’s mobile Dynamic Captions, creators now have unprecedented control over their captions and subtitles. Enhancing the existing Speech-To-Text function introduced in February, it is now updated with improved caption generation accuracy and efficient batch editing to speed up the editing process. The feature offers customizable caption colours, drop shadows, spacing, and new display effects, providing users with new ways to make their text more engaging. Smarter captions mean faster editing and enable creators of all skill levels to produce more content for their social media channels.

With this Update, Filmora for mobile introduces the AI Remover feature, which allows users to effortlessly eliminate unwanted objects and watermarks from their videos. This innovative cut-out tool enhances visual storytelling by focusing on key subjects and ensuring a cleaner, more professional look. Additionally, it aids in maintaining legal and privacy compliance by reducing the risk of copyright infringement, making it an invaluable tool for influencers and marketers alike.

Filmora for mobile gives users the power of a desktop editor in their pocket. New and improved AI features make Filmora’s mission of delivering robust editing solutions to millions of users a reality.

Source: PRNewsWire

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