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Evidation selected by Our Future Health as a participant platform for the UK’s Largest Health research program


Evidation is a company developing new methods for measuring and improving health in everyday life. It announced a significant partnership with Our Future Health. This is a research initiative and collaboration between the British National Health Service (NHS), public health authorities, non-profit organizations and leading life science companies. Our Future Health will use Evidation’s digital health measurement platform for a multi-year, longitudinal research program involving up to five million participants from across the UK.

“Evidation and Our Future Health believe that a deep understanding of everyday perceptions of health can lead to rapid insights that transform health,” said Christine Lemke, co-founder and CEO of Evidation. “Along with millions of volunteer participants across the UK “We will achieve research that will enable more effective methods to prevent, detect and treat disease.”

“Our Future Health aims to become a world-leading source of health research,” said Dr Raghib Ali OBE, Chief Executive of Our Future Health. “Evidation has extensive expertise in measuring and characterizing health in everyday life and dealing with numerous participants. This, as well as their experience in conducting large-scale research programs and their high standards of data protection, make them the ideal partner for Our Future Health.”

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Our Future Health will engage up to five million people to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat disease. To this end, Our Future Health will bring together a diverse and inclusive group of people from across the UK who have agreed to take part. This accounts for almost 10% of adults in the UK of more than 53 million people. Evidation’s technology is used for technical implementation, for example an app for participants and a technical infrastructure that makes this extensive research project possible. This new digital technology will be developed in the coming months.

Evidation’s platform is used by some of the world’s leading organizations to conduct health research programs. Real-time data is collected from a large population – for example via wearables and surveys – and this leads to insights quickly and longitudinally. Evidation has refined this technology for over a decade to collect data outside of clinics and reward participants for healthy lifestyles.

Evidation develops new methods to measure and improve health status in everyday life – enabling proactive, individual and truly people-centered health care. Evidation connects directly with millions of people, collecting real-time data and quickly gaining insights into their health status. Evidation’s data-protected platform works with data science and machine learning to transform these everyday insights into health guidelines, treatments and tools.

SOURCE: BusinessWire

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