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Upstage Optimizes Large Language Model for Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors


Upstage, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company in enterprise solutions, will optimize its flagship large language model (LLM), Solar Mini, on Intel® Core™ Ultra processors. Upstage will also integrate Upstage’s WriteUp app, a built-in writing assistant powered by Solar Mini to run the advanced generative AI tools offline on Windows PCs based on Intel processors, to provide a seamless and connected AI experience anytime and anywhere.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Intel to integrate Solar LLM directly into their high-performance processors, demonstrating how built-in AI capabilities can elevate edge computing experiences to new heights,” said Sung Kim, CEO and co-founder of Upstage. “This on-device LLM design will provide faster, more efficient, and intuitive AI capabilities, revolutionizing user interaction, ensuring privacy, and significantly enhancing productivity.”

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Solar LLMs are a suite of powerful, purpose-trained models designed to meet specific business needs with superhuman intelligence and affordability. Among them, Solar Mini is a versatile, general-purpose small LLM that can be customized and fine-tuned for various natural language processing (NLP) tasks in English, Korean, and Japanese, such as understanding, summarizing, translating, and predicting new content.

WriteUp, an on-the-go writing assistant app powered by Solar, empowers users to craft content wherever they are, even without an internet connection. This offline tool runs directly on edge devices, ensuring complete privacy and security. With customizable options for tone, length, emoji use, purpose, and language, WriteUp lets users tailor their writing to their exact needs.

Source: PRNewswire

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