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WorkFusion Launches Work.AI to Enable a Build Your Own AI Digital Workforce for Any Industry


No-code platform makes it easy for organizations to hire, configure or build AI Digital Workers to automate complex and complete job roles

WorkFusion, a leading AI digital workforce solutions company, announced the rollout of Work.AI, a no-code platform that combines the powers of AI/machine learning, intelligent document processing (IDP), and robotic process automation (RPA) allowing organizations to create an unlimited AI digital workforce by combining the power of the platform with their domain-specific expertise.

“With the release of Work.AI, organizations and partners can now build complete AI Digital Workers using the platform’s no-code features,” said Adam Famularo, CEO, of WorkFusion. “With our pre-built AI Digital Workers for AML compliance, we incorporated our deep domain expertise in financial crime to solve problems that fill those level-one jobs. Now, we are enhancing and extending our existing technology platform to make it easier and more cost-effective for other industries to solve their complex work challenges by building their own AI Digital Workers.”

To create highly skilled AI Digital Workers, WorkFusion combines AI and machine learning, with industry-leading IDP technology, and RPA into one complete Work.AI platform. AI Digital Workers work alongside real-world colleagues to take care of the often mind-numbing and repetitive activities such as data collection, document handling, and false-positive clearing – freeing up their colleagues to work on more strategic and fulfilling projects. They expedite previously slow and ineffective work that helps to reduce errors and improve customer service. This is possible without adding risk to the tech stack, with controls in place to orchestrate many machine learning models and other automation elements in one platform.

“As the largest alternative legal solutions provider, Epiq selected WorkFusion to help our clients gain actionable insights about their customers, employees, and suppliers as part of their overall regulatory compliance and risk management strategy,” said Erin Toomey, Vice President of Epiq’s Global Investigations Practice. “Epiq is leveraging both pre-built and custom Digital Workers built on WorkFusion’s Work.AI platform and integrating these Digital Workers into the Epiq Service Cloud. Regulatory risk and compliance solutions are a key element of the Epiq Legal Service Management Framework, and WorkFusion’s Digital Workers will help Epiq address more of our client needs and drive better outcomes as data becomes more complex and risk management is of paramount importance to our clients.”

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WorkFusion‘s CTO, Peter Cousins said, “Quite simply, an end-to-end no-code automation platform to create AI Digital Workers means you can get data from anywhere and take actions without having to write code. Work.AI allows you to reshape data, calculate metrics, make business rule decisions, branch a business process to go to different places (depending on what’s happening), and automatically use AI to exercise judgment in categorizing, making decisions, or extracting information – whether you have structured or unstructured text and documents. Work.AI lets you create a human-in-the-loop UI to involve people in the review or collaboration of the work performed by the Digital Worker. All of these factors, including data, decisions, and analysis are compiled into a dossier or other case notes to fully explain the work performed and support review. Finally, all the information can be monitored and analyzed in dashboards that let you keep an eye on overall activity.”

There are three ways to use the Work.AI platform:

Some key benefits of the Work.AI platform:

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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